GTA 6: It’s going to come with graphics ahead of its time

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GTA 6: It's going to come with graphics ahead of its time

The dreams of players developing graphics modes for GTA 5 seem to come true with GTA 6. Thanks to the new Rage Engine 9, the next GTA game can be one of the best games of the new generation with incredible graphics.

GTA 6: It's going to come with graphics ahead of its time

Chris Klippel, a well-known figure in the gaming world, said GTA 6 will come with incredible graphics. Stating that Rockstar will develop a new gaming engine for GTA 6 (called RAGE9), Klippel stated that the company will meet expectations for many years to come.

Rockstar Games develops new gaming engine for GTA 6

Rockstar has bigger plans for GTA 6 than previously thought, according to Rockstar Mag founder Chris Klippel. Rockstar is working on a new version of its Rage Engine graphics engine and will develop the next GTA with technology described as “ahead of its time.”

Rockstar Games allegedly aims to build an engine that can perform better than the Unreal Engine developed by Fortnite producer Epic Games. This claim also means that GTA 6 will have better visuals than any other game.

Given Rockstar’s history, this claim doesn’t seem to be so unfounded. Apart from the Disaster of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V had pretty good graphics. Rockstar is a company that exceeds quality standards and serves as a model for the gaming industry.

GTA 6: It's going to come with graphics ahead of its time 1

It’s also important to keep in mind that GTA 6 will be more advanced than GTA 5, one of the most popular games on all platforms. Rockstar’s efforts seem even more remarkable when you consider that it will be a big open world


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