Turkey’s drone ‘Jackal’ to be used in UK

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Turkey's drone 'Jackal' to be used in UK

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) “Jackal” with a minimum carrying capacity of 15 kilograms and a range of 130 kilometers will be used in the UK.

Gebze Technical University (GTU) Teknopark Company Fly Bvlos Technology produced with Maxwell Innovations the first export of the UAV was made.

The deal between Fly Bvlos Technology and Britain’s Flyby Technology sold the domestic drone to the UK.

GTU Rector Prof. Dr. Mohammed Hasan Aslan, Fly Bvlos General Manager Murat Islıoglu and Flyby Technology founder Jon Parker and related people attended the signing ceremony held at GTU Congress and Culture Center.

Under the agreement, the UK will receive 5 drones from Turkey.

Turkey's drone 'Jackal' to be used in UK 1
Gebze Teknik Üniversitesi (GTÜ) Teknopark’ta geliştirilip satışı yapılan asgari 15 kilogram taşıma kapasite ve 130 kilometre menzile sahip İnsansız Hava Aracı (İHA) “Jackal” İngiltere’de kullanılacak. ( Kadir Yıldız – Anadolu Ajansı )

With special design and domestic writing, “Jackal” can be used in the fields of cargo and logistics services in the aviation sector.

Thanks to its “VTOL” feature, Jackal is able to land and take off in any area without the need for any runway.

The drone is also scheduled to fly in harsh weather conditions, in all kinds of scenarios, in areas such as humanitarian aid, monitoring and monitoring, and sensitive data logistics.

“We need to train new generations with new generation vehicles”
Jon Parker said that they are a school that provides pilot training worldwide, and that new generations should do their education with the next generation of vehicles.

Parker stated that the drone they purchased is the latest product of the technology. This totaled $1,250,000. But when we think about the future, it’s a very small investment. Turkey is really on its way to becoming a superpower in this regard. I really think there will be great success in the future.”

“The name of GTU will now be heard in the UK”
Prof. Dr. Aslan stated that GTU Dronepark is the “first” in Turkey, noting that aviation clustering in drone technologies was put together and the Turkish Drone Consortium was established within this structure.

Aslan stated that the UAV was produced as a result of this building activity. We expect other companies to come to this consortium. We want this consortium to grow. By combining the university and our industrialist especially in this field, we aim to produce much newer, advanced technological drones and products, at the same time to increase the project capacity of our university and to make a name for ourselves at the international level. As a result of the agreement with the UK, our drone was sold. The name of the GTU will now be heard in the UK as well. This is a great, good result to achieve,” he said.

“We are very happy to sell the top 5 aircraft to the UK”
Murat Islioglu pointed out that it is not easy to achieve this success in a 4-month period and said it is important to sell the drone to a European country.

He said they were happy to export 5 “Jackals” to the UK.

“Jackal is designed for cargo and logistics transportation to the aviation sector. After all, it’s an aircraft, and although that’s its purpose, software and hardware are entirely our company’s if needed. We are at a point where we can develop and serve it in every area that is needed. We’re also a drone pilot school. Our aim is to bring together the newly trained pilots with this aircraft that we have produced and export them abroad as a concept.”

He said the UK had chosen Jackal for the transport of smart medicines or expensive medicines between hospitals, again for cargo use, adding that the drone they produced was easy to train and teach from a pilot’s point of view.


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