Semiconductor support to Russia: New deal for supply is on the way!

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Semiconductor support to Russia: New deal for supply is on the way!

Russia, which invaded Ukraine, is struggling to supply semiconductors, as it does in all areas. But a new helping hand has reached out to the country.

Semiconductor support to Russia: New deal for supply is on the way!

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine undoubtedly resonated all over the world. Political and trade sanctions in response to the human drama continue to complive the situation for Russia and the Russian people. The Kremlin, which is narrow in every respect, continues to look for ways out.

Malaysia to supply semiconductors to Russia

The great importance of semiconductors in any field where technology is produced is known to everyone. On the other hand, the global chip crisis, which has made its impact evident all over the world, is making it difficult for all companies that produce technology related. In addition to all this embargo deluge, Russia is also entering a serious bottleneck in its semiconductor supplies. However, the country is finding new exit doors, albeit limited.

China is the name russia trusts most in this regard. But chip imports from China do not adequately meet the country’s requirements. In addition, the commercial relationship during this time was not welcomed by the rest of the world. Russia is looking for new sources of support.

Malaysia, it seems, set out to supply Russia with electronics and semiconductors during the country’s invasion of Ukraine. Malaysia’s ambassador to Russia, Bala Chandran Tharman, approved the trade deal. Bala Chandran, meanwhile, did not provide details on the extent of the ongoing talks at the government level.

After the start of the war, many technology companies took a tough stance, suspending their trade ties with Russia. Among these sectors that have been cut off is the semiconductor sector, which is already in great crisis. So much so that big companies such as Intel, and AMD, have already stopped exporting to Russia in recent months.


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