Negative response to Zelenski’s call: It leads to war with Russia

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Negative response to Zelenski's call: It leads to war with Russia

Commenting on the war between Russia and Ukraine, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, “Our goals regarding sanctions are to maximize the impact on Putin and Russia while minimizing the impact on us and our partners.” This includes the decommissioning of North Stream 2.”

Negative response to Zelenski's call: It leads to war with Russia

“No-fly zone means direct war”

“Creating a no-fly zone will require the US military to shoot down the Russian aircraft, which will lead directly to a global war. It’s not what we want. We are trying to avoid this.”

The Kremlin has also attacked Russian press freedom, Psaki said. The Russian government is preventing the Russian media from reporting on the war.”
Psaki said that the United States is looking at its closeness with Russian President Vladimir Putin when determining the oligarchs to be sanctioned. We want those around Putin to understand this pressure.”

Psaki declined to say when Russian oligarchs in the United States would leave the country.

“Diplomacy cannot be done without the fall of military tensions”

Answering questions from the press, Psaki noted that the attacks must stop in order to achieve diplomacy on the crisis, adding that “diplomacy will be difficult to win without reducing military tensions”.

“NATO is more united than ever”

“Thanks in part to Putin’s aggression, NATO is more united than ever. If President Putin continues to move forward, he will have decided to enter a NATO country. This is going to put us in direct conflict. However, we do not intend to take steps where we will enter into a direct conflict with Russia.”


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