Where is Putin running to?

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Putin confirmed it! Life sentence for paedophile offences in Russia

Russia turned inward and created a foreign exchange reserve of 600 billion dollars. Thus, he created an economic model that could withstand embargoes from the West for 60 months.

Where is Putin running to?

It is necessary to start knowing that Putin has a decisive say in the country’s governance next term. That means you’re going to have to it creates an understanding of governance that insists on its claims, where stability prevails, and where central government is not compromised in any way. Russia created an “unbalanced balance” in the coming period, creating one of the three major poles that determine the world balance. After the 2018 Economic Crisis, Russia embarked on a “mass economy” in the military agreement. There was a “stability” that never loosened target control, and development and growth were ignored. Russia has done 60 months of economic modeling to withstand embargoes. In this model, accumulating $500-600 billion in reserves, increasing the gold reserve as much as possible, reducing or even resetting external borrowing, breaking away from the dollar currency, building its own technology in cyberspace are the main tools… The Russian Stability and Wealth Fund, founded in 2004, holds a third of the country’s reserves. This fund is under the supervision of President Putin, who is eligible to be elected by 2034.

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This model of mass economy will allow the Russian Federation to break away from the world economy and live inward. The point is political. Therefore, it is not possible to describe the event in economic terms such as “recession”. Religion is the 2nd post-political source of power in this country. Muslims make up 30% of the population in this country. The country’s government is very concerned about the spread of “Islamist ideology.” Turks are involved in Russian life with 50,000 people and nearly 1,000 companies. Unofficial records say that nearly 300,000 Turks are married to a Russian.

The most important extension of Russia’s 100-player function in world domination is the Eastern Mediterranean. The Tartus Naval Base, which was established in Latakia with an expenditure of $500 million after open support for Syria, has been made an “indispensable” variable in the Eastern Mediterranean by hydrocarbon exploration and defense cooperation agreements signed with Egypt, Libya and Syria.

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Rosneft has acquired a 30% stake in the Zohr Natural Gas Field in Egypt. In March 2021, it entered into a joint hydrocarbon resource exploration agreement with Syria.


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