‘Reddit’ feature on Twitter: The new era has begun!

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'Reddit' feature on Twitter: The new era has begun!

Twitter has taken the first concrete step in implementing the idea of ‘tweet dislike’, which has been expected for some time. As you’ll recall, last year the company began testing emoji responses like the one on Facebook. Thanks to the reactions, users were able to leave different feedback on a tweet.

'Reddit' feature on Twitter: The new era has begun!

The popular social media platform has now announced the downvote button, where people can react negatively to tweets they don’t like. Twitter has made this feature available to a limited number of users globally, which has been in development since July. He also shared important information about downvote.

Twitter won’t make downvote numbers public

“We’ve learned a lot about the types of responses you think are irrelevant,” the Twitter Support account posted. We’re expanding our test. You will have the option to vote negatively on the web and in responses on iOS and Android soon,” the statement said.

Twitter placed the downvote button next to the like icon.

There are sometimes heated debates on Twitter. Worse, the course of the conversation that rotates under the sharing can change negatively and deviate from the purpose of the conversation. Users who were uncomfortable with this situation wanted a dislike button where they could react to the way the conversation was going.

With the Downvote button, the social media company will make this request. Of course, it’s worth noting that this feature isn’t exactly the same as the dislike button on YouTube. Twitter sees ‘downvote’ as a button that users will use for irrelevant responses from the relevant topic. Therefore, the total number of negative votes received by the tweet will not be public.

Twitter has been trying the Downvote button in several different ways since July. The first of the tests featured two buttons, positive vote and negative vote. On the second attempt, the downvote button was placed right next to the like (heart) button. The company announced that it had decided on the second method and gradually released the new feature.


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