Microsoft’s mixed reality dreams hit a dead end

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Microsoft's mixed reality dreams hit a dead end

Microsoft employees are divided on mixed reality. While HoloLens 3 was waiting, employees were separated into software and hardware.

In order to gain a place in the Metaverse universe, companies are implementing various projects. One of the most outspoken defenders of this universe is also struggling with this issue. Microsoft is shelving the HoloLens 3, which will be the successor to the current mixed reality headset, according to Business Insider.

Microsoft's mixed reality dreams hit a dead end

Uncertainty remains within Microsoft about the future of internal strife in the mixed reality division. Multiple sources said Microsoft has agreed to partner with Samsung to develop a new mixed reality device. In addition, this decision was reportedly an inflammatory thought within the team.

Microsoft employees split in two

Some people at Microsoft say the company should continue to produce the hardware. Others prefer to return to a software platform for the metadata database, namely Windows for the digital world. The question of which customer base to target remains unanswered. Microsoft employees are divided on creating hardware and software for consumers.

Ruben Caballero, the former Apple executive hired to join the mixed reality and artificial intelligence division in 2020, is said to want to shift his focus to consumers and the metaverse side. Others on the team think they should continue to sell to businesses and even fulfil military contracts.

In 2018, when the military purchased 100,000 HoloLens headphones, Microsoft signed a $480 million contract. There was a protest from Microsoft employees against this contract. At this point, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sent a letter to President Brad Smith stating that the deal crossed the line and that they did not sign up to develop weapons.

Microsoft has been working on the AR headset for about 10 years. It released its first developer version in 2016. The technology has been praised for its innovative approach to placing digital objects on the user’s real-world vision.

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