The cryptocurrency community will place Bitcoin in a mouse’s brain

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The cryptocurrency community will place Bitcoin in a mouse's brain

The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), called BitMouseDAO, aims to place Bitcoin in a mouse’s brain using gene editing technology.

The cryptocurrency community will place Bitcoin in a mouse's brain

The organization, founded on January 25th, has only two investors. So he still has a long way to go to fund the scientific procedures he’s targeting.

BitMouseDAO members think it would be “very cool” to literally convert a living object into money.

“We will link the value of the mouse directly to Bitcoin, and with the daily value of Bitcoin, it will fluctuate,” the community told VICE.

Maybe the mouse will be worth $100 million in 10 years, or maybe it won’t be worth anything.

Although dao’s goals require scientific effort, members say that in fact this organization is a community of artists.

BitMouseDAO is an art project that combines the crypto world with the art world and the biological world with a bold idea of placing Bitcoin in the mouse.

They also said they did not want to “create a biochemical monster.”

How will Bitcoin be placed in the mouse?

There are two ways the team can place Bitcoin in a mouse. The first is to add the password of a Bitcoin wallet, known as the “key”, to the animal’s DNA.

Scientists have developed methods to edit genetic codes in DNA sequences. That’s why BitMouseDAO’s goal won’t be the first in this area.

In this option, the organization plans to negotiate with a biotechnology firm to produce a DNA sequence corresponding to the key to the wallet and encode it into the mouse during fertilization.

If this plan doesn’t succeed, viruses will come into play. The second option is for geneticists to produce a harmless virus that carries the key to the wallet and inject it into mice.

BitMouseDao reports that it will produce NFT images of the mouse and then auction it off:

The final bidder will also get a physical picture of the mouse.

What is DAO?

Decentralized autonomous organizations can be considered autonomous companies or organizations established for a purpose through certain rules based on smart contracts on the blockchain.

While traditional companies are mostly owned by executives, all members must vote for any decisions and amendments to daos.

To join a DAO, it is necessary to purchase the cryptocurrency used by the organization.



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