Annual cleaning at the wax museum: Queen Elizabeth’s head appeared to be bald

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Queen Elizabeth II at a wax museum in Germany. It was noted that the statue of Elizabeth was bald.

A wax museum called Panoptikum in Hamburg, Germany, showed that a statue of Queen Elizabeth of England was bald.

Dr Susanne Faerber, the museum’s managing partner, took off the Queen’s hat in front of reporters and elizabeth’s head was found to have no hair on the parts under the hat.

Faerber explained that because the cost of hair used in wax sculptures is too high, they ‘follow this method in sculptures wearing hats’:

“We only put in as much hair as visitors can see.”

Annual cleaning at the wax museum: Queen Elizabeth's head appeared to be bald

When asked if it was disrespectful to show the bald head of the Queen figure, Faerber said, “It’s a candle job, not a real person, it should always be kept in mind.”

The photos were revealed thanks to the annual cleaning and maintenance of the museum being released to the press this year.

Panoptikum was founded in 1879 by Dr Faerber’s great-great-grandfather.
The museum has more than 120 wax figures, including Donald Trump, Pope Benedict XVI, climate activist Greta Thunberg and former German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


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