Who is Jeff Bezos’ right-hand man, Amazon CEO Andrew Jassy?

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Who is Jeff Bezos' right-hand man, Amazon CEO Andrew Jassy?

Andrew Jassy is the chief executive of Amazon, one of the leading companies in e-commerce, and founder of Amazon Web Service, also a subsidiary of Amazon.

Who is Jeff Bezos' right-hand man, Amazon CEO Andrew Jassy?

The American businessman, known by his full name Andrew R. Jassy, known as “Andy”, became CEO of Amazon on July 5, 2021. With this news, the successful businessman dropped a bombshell. Because, as it is known, Amazon is one of the most frequently used platforms of our time worldwide. So it’s quite common for Amazon’s new CEO to be an element of curiosity. Here, in this article we present who is the new CEO of Amazon, Andrew Jassy, and the steps in his career.

Andrew Jassy’s adventure at Amazon began in 1997, three years after the company was founded. The fresh Harward graduate first started his career at a company called MBI. It is known that he worked as a project manager here. Then Andrew, along with a friend, set up an initiative and founded his own company. However, this initiative does not turn out as well as he would like. After closing the company, Andrew Jassy makes a career-desist move.

At first, it is transitioning to Amazon, an e-commerce company founded by Jeff Bezos on December 5, 1994. The man who first served as marketing manager here is gaining the trust of Jeff Bezos in the future. He attends meetings with him, expresses his opinions, and is not afraid to criticize.

After years, Andrew brings out his entrepreneurial spirit. He’s going to Bezos with a new project that will bring mobility and innovation to Amazon. This project is a cloud computing service platform known as AWS, or Amazon Network Service.

Following this suggestion, Bezos paves the way for Andrew. He’s supporting his project. The project was launched in 2006. Then, in a short time, the company adds to its earnings. Because of the project, Amazon is collaborating with a number of institutions and companies.

Let’s take a look at Andrew Jassy’s journey from the past to the present in detail.

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Andrew Jassy: His Personal Life

Andrew Jassy was born on January 13, 1968, in New York City. His father is Everett Jassy and his mother is Margery Jassy. His father is known to be a lawyer and his mother is the director of a foundation affiliated with a youth theatre.

Young Jassy is successfully completing her education at Scarsdale high school. He is rumoured to have been interested in football and tennis during his high school years. His presence at major sporting events such as the Super Bowl with a group of friends from Amazon supports this rumor.

It is also known that in the basement of his Seattle home, Jassy set up his own sports bar to watch The New York Mets, Giants and Rangers play. Now Andrew Jassy is one of the leading national hockey league players, a minority owner of the Seattle Krakens.

The man who successfully completed high school is completing his undergraduate studies at Harvard University. He completes his bachelor’s degree in economics. Then he enrolls in a PhD program at Harvard.

In 1997, Andrew merged his life with Elana Rochelle Caplan, Eddie Bauer’s fashion designer. The couple have two children and the Jassy family lives on Capitol Hill, Seattle.

Before Jassy: How Amazon Was Founded

Before we took a look at Andrew Jassy’s career, we thought it might be helpful to take a look at how and by whom Amazon was founded. Therefore, we wanted to take a brief look at the establishment of Amazon together.

As you will recall, Amazon.com is headquartered in the United States. The company first entered our lives as an e-commerce platform for selling books. Then it became a multinational American technology company, such as cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. In fact, with this transformation, google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook were able to put their name on the list of the “five biggest companies” in the information technology industry.

So, how was Amazon, today known as the most powerful and valuable company in the world, founded by whom? Amazon.com was founded by Jeff Bezos when the calendars showed July 5, 1994. As we mentioned, Bezos’s goal in the first place is to create an online market where only books are sold.

Even so, in the process, Amazon has improved and kept up with the times. Therefore, in the process, it has become a large market that allows the sale of products from electronic vehicles to video games, clothing, furniture, toys and many more. With this growth, the company surpassed Walmart, known as the most famous retailer in the United States.

When the calendars showed 2017, the company acquired Whole Foods Market for about $13 billion. With this acquisition, the company significantly increased its size in the sector. In 2018, Bezos, the company’s founder and CEO, announced that Amazon Prime, which provides additional services to users, exceeds 100 million subscribers worldwide.

Although Amazon’s history dates back 28 years, it is possible to say that the company’s entry into the Turkish market is late. Because the date when Amazon fully enters the Turkish market is September 2018. The company, which remained passive in Turkey compared to other countries until 2020, began to gain more attention in September 15 after offering additional access to users and allowing memberships such as Prime Video.

Jassy’s Amazon Career


As we noted at the beginning of the article, Andrew’s career life does not start on Amazon in general. Information in the archive indicates that Andrew worked as a project manager at MBI, a collection company, before Amazon. However, while it is not known on what grounds Andrew was involved, he is known to have decided to leave the company.

After leaving the company, it is known that they made an attempt with a colleague and formed a company. But when things don’t go the way Jassy and her friend wanted, they decide to shut down the company.

When the calendars show 1997, Andrew Jassy joins the company at the time amazon goes public. First, he takes the position of marketing manager for the company. It is known that he has taken an active role in the cd and music sales department in this process.

Here he is, the successful man who started his career at Amazon as a marketing manager, today he is ceo of Amazon. One wonders what kind of road map he will draw for the company in his new role. However, his duties and achievements before he became CEO offer us clues to the future. From that perspective, it’s necessary to look at what Andrew did at Amazon before he became CEO.


By the time the calendars show 2002, Andrew will have proven his commitment and success to the company, becoming a shadow adviser to the company’s founder. That means that by 2002, Andrew had become a company insider. Because with this process, Andrew becomes kind of the right-hand man of Bezos, the founder of the company. He accompanies Jeff Bezos to meetings and takes part in critical decisions with him.

Andrew Jassy, who has an increasing say in the company, came up with an idea in 2003. The idea is based mainly on conversations between bezos and the company during the expansion process. Here, Andrew Jassy is the father of the idea of Amazon Web Service (AWS), one of Amazon’s services. AWS is, in summary, amazon’s cloud computing service platform, which is one of its subsidiaries and offers on demand to companies or governments.

With this idea, Jassy dreamed of making data storage cheaper and easier for other companies. In order to realize this dream, he wanted to fulfill his expertise in this field properly. It is rumoured that he wrote a note to Bezos saying he would make his dream come true. Bezos couldn’t resist him, and in 2003 he gave Jassy the go-to to take action.

Besides, Jeff Bezos didn’t just endorse his idea. At the same time, Bezos promoted Andrew to the position of leader of the AWS project. As part of this project, he commissioned 57 people to help Andrew. As it turned out, Jassy was very convinced of Bezos.

Aws was then launched in 2006. The project is getting more attention than expected. Jeff Bezos is promoting Andrew to CEO of Amazon Web Service. Andrew Jassy’s big breakout project has earned him about $36.6 million.

On the other hand, it is known that the company, together with AWS, has become a $40 billion business. In addition, AWS accounted for more than 60% of the entire company’s operating profit. Not only that, cloud computing had more than 30% of the market share.

Amazon Web Service Customers

Through the Web Service service run by Andrew Jassy, Amazon has signed agreements with many world-renowned public and private institutions. One of the official clients is the European Space Agency, which was established in 1975 to conduct space exploration.

NASA, which is also tasked with walking U.S. space programs, is an AWS customer. Apart from space technologies, the State Department, which is responsible for conducting U.S. international relations, is among the corporate clients.

But Amazon’s government customers are not limited to America. The AWS Service has also gained traction in Europe. The UK Department of Justice is among the company’s clients of government agencies in Europe.

Among the company’s customers are world-famous platforms and brands. Among them, the highlights are; you can count as netflix, the multinational American technology and media company, Adobe, one of the world’s leading media software companies, and Reddit, a social and news discussion site that is also based in America.

Also customers are Spotify, a Swedish digital music platform, Sony, a Japan-based electronics maker, and Samsung, a South Korea-based electronics company. Following the project, which was launched in 2006, some of the other institutions and companies that Amazon has signed are as follows:

Dow Jones
Financial Times
General Electric
Johnson & Johnson
Schneider Electric
Square Enix
Tata Motors


Jeff Bezos, amazon’s founder and first CEO, was bombarded with news on the company’s 27th anniversary. On the company’s anniversary, Bezos announced his departure from his position as chief executive, or CEO. With this announcement, amazon’s new CEO will be Andy Jassy. Thus, when the calendars showed July 5, 2021, Andrew took over the new role from Bezos as the second CEO in Amazon history.

A lot has been said about the reasons why Bezos chose andrew. Some attributed Andrew Jassy’s replacement to bezos being a member of the elite leadership group S-team. Others attributed the successes of his creation of the Amazon Web Service. At the same time, Bezos’s move was interpreted as a testament to the company’s increasing importance to internet services.

But all these rumors don’t change the fact that Andrew achieved his success at Amazon by scraping his fingernails. The successful man had devoted 25 years to the Amazon since 1997.

What Do You Think?

As it turned out, Andrew Jassy was a man who devoted almost his entire life to the Amazon. He gave Amazon 25 years. At the end of this process, Andrew Jassy was appointed to the top position of the company by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos himself. In other words, he was awarded a senior position for his outstanding achievements at Amazon. Finally, the successful man was reaping the benefits of his achievements.

In fact, the fact that he has completed his bachelor’s and doctoral programs at Harvard, one of the world’s leading universities, can also be considered as a clue to his career. From this point of view, the successful businessman creates an exemplary profile for everyone who has embarked on a career journey in this field with both the education he has received and the roles he has played in business life.

So, what do you guys think of Andrew Jassy’s life and career? You can share your feedback with us in the comments section.