Best Discord Bots Recommendations – 2022

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Discord is one of the most used communication platforms. The platform, which stands out for its easy use and free, is most used by players. The platform has bots that enhance the experience of use. That’s why Discord users often wonder what are the best Discord bots.

Best Discord Bots Recommendations – 2022 1

In this article, we will talk about the most successful and most used Discord bots for you. Of course, it is more accurate to answer questions such as what is Discord and how to use it before switching to bot recommendations.

Because although Discord is becoming very popular, many people wonder what the platform is. Let’s take a closer look at what Discord is and what it does.

What is Discord?

Discord, which met with its users in 2015, stands out as a communication platform. Discord was originally developed as a voice and written communication platform. Users could communicate in an individual or group form, voice or text. The developers then gave their users the opportunity to communicate via video.

Discord was mostly used by actors in the early years. Especially players who played multiplayer games preferred Discord to communicate with their teammates. In fact, we can say that this situation continues in the same way today. Players who play online games often prefer Discord for communication.

In addition, people who have to establish group communication prefer Discord because it is mostly free. Discord is attracted by the fact that it is free as well as easy to use. Therefore, the platform manages to please its users.

The platform supports 30 languages. Windows, macOS, Linux and mobile device users can easily use Discord through the platform’s app. In addition, some users prefer to use the platform through the browser.

Discord has more than 300 million users, according to recently released data. About 140 million of these users are actively using the platform. In these days when group communication is important, we can say that Discord will come to the forefront even more.

Best Discord Boots

Discord offers its users the opportunity to create servers for community or in-group communication. Users have some customization options on these servers. In this way, users can navigate their servers as they wish.

Various developers are developing Discord bots to make it easier for users to control the server. These bots add a variety of features to the server, such as music control and welcome system. This makes server control easier and users’ Discord experience level is increased.

In this article, we will recommend the most popular and best Discord bots for you. We tried to include bots on our list that worked on as many different tasks as possible. Apart from that, the ranking on our list is prepared in a completely mixed way.


Streamcord is at the top of our recommendations for the best Discord bots. Discord and Twitch are among the most used platforms for gamers. Streamcord brings these two platforms together for players.

Discord users can connect their Twitch account to Discord servers with the help of Streamcord. This automatically sends notifications to the server when users turn on Twitch streaming. In addition, the bot allows its users to easily view the profile of Twitch users.

Users can add the bot to their servers for free. Streamcord also offers its users a Pro bot with more features. The bot delivers notifications to servers faster in the Pro version. In addition, users can use many extra features in the Pro version, especially the ad-free control panel.


On Discord servers, server control bots are widely used. MEE6 is one of the most used control bots. The features offered by the bot are very useful for users. These features also greatly improve the quality of the server.

Users can set server rules through the bot. In addition, the bot transmits these rules as automated messages to new ers. Server administrators can also automatically send welcome messages to new users via bot.

MEE6 provides server administrators with important features in server control. One of them is command management. Server administrators can create their own commands through the bot. Thus, the server is under the control of the server administrators thanks to the bot.

Thanks to the bot, server administrators can easily integrate social media accounts into their servers. This feature is especially useful for Twitch streams. Because the bot automatically shares Twitch streaming notifications on the server.

Mee6, which also has the approval of its users in terms of reliability, can be used free of charge.


We continue the best Discord bot recommendations with FredBoat. Music bots stand out as one of the most used Discord bot types. Recently, most music bots have stopped serving their users. That’s why FredBoat is becoming more popular.

Some players prefer to listen to music while playing games. That’s why people who develop bots for Discord pay special attention to music bots. Many Discord music bots have been forced to stop serving due to a copyright issue with YouTube. FredBoat stands out as one of the music bots that continues to serve at this point.

Best Discord Boots – FredBoat

The bot can play music from many platforms on the server. YouTube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp are the top platforms. Already, most Discord users prefer to open music through YouTube. Therefore, we can say that the platforms supported by the bot are enough for most users.

Some Discord music bots have started to serve their users for a fee. However, FredBoat can still be added to Discord servers for free.

Dank Memer

Discord has become more of a general communication platform than an gaming platform. For this purpose, the platform has chat and entertainment servers as well as game servers. Of course, humor is one of the things that makes entertainment presenters stand out.

Best Discord Boots – Dank Memer

Dank Memer serves its users at this point. We can say that the bot stands out as an entertainment bot in general. Discord users can send fun pictures on the server via bot. Users can also play simple and fun little games on the server via bot

We can say that the bot is one of the most popular Discord bots. Therefore, the number of users of the bot is quite high. Discord users can add the bot to their servers for free.


ProBot is at the bottom of our recommendations for the best Discord bots. For Discord servers, we talked about how important control bots are. That’s why we wanted to recommend another control bot before we finished our list. In this regard, our preference was ProBot.

ProBot is just as useful as mee6. The bot offers its users many features in server management. These features make server administrators’ work a little easier when it comes to server management.


The bot first attracts the attention of its users with its welcome feature. Server administrators can send an automatic welcome message to new users via bot. In addition, the bot has automatic moderation. We can say that this feature ensures the security of the server.

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