New Details About Foldable iPhone Revealed

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New Details About Foldable iPhone Revealed

Allegedly, Apple is working on new generation displays, one of the most popular technologies of recent times. The latest details on the subject show that foldable iPhone models will not appear in the near future.

Known for its leaks about Apple, Dylandkt claimed that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone. Moreover, Dylandkt emphasized that Apple has developed and tested multiple prototypes. However, he added that the company is cautious about these products.

Dylan states in his tweet series on the subject that Apple will launch a foldable iPhone in the next period. However, he states that this date is not very close to the present day. One of the main reasons that trigger this situation is screen technology.

According to the analyst, Apple sees the screen technology used today at an insufficiently developed level. Moreover, there are risky elements in the production of this screen, which will be included in iPhone models. Apparently, Apple is waiting for the technology to become more advanced before using it on the iPhone.

Apple Takes Firm Steps for Foldable iPhone

Apart from this, Apple has another important reservation. It is an undeniable fact that foldable phones are in demand today. Brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Honor and Xiaomi produce phone samples with this new display technology.

However, Apple also wants to know if this situation is temporary. It is not known whether consumers will show interest in these phones in the coming years. Therefore, Apple wants to make sure that the new display technology will provide a higher level of experience than current iPhone screens.


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