How to Deal with Someone Flirting with Your Partner

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How to Deal with Someone Flirting with Your Partner

How to Deal with Someone Flirting with Your Partner

We all know how complicated things can get when it comes to romantic relationships. And when you add a third person to these relationships, things get out of hand. Many couples these days complain of having trust problems. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there may be someone who wants to get closer to you or your partner. At school, work, dinner or a party… When someone flirts with your partner, we’ve researched and written what you need to know to deal with it in the healthiest way possible. Here is the healthiest way to deal with third parties…

When we start a relationship, we expect the best from the other person.

But even the most stable relationships can be influenced by a third person

As such, everything turns into chaos in an instant. While you’re having dinner at a great restaurant in the evening, your partner’s co-worker pops up and makes jokes that you don’t like. You feel instantly restless, sometimes even nauseous. Of course, at this point, you should not forget that you should not let go of the ropes.

There is nothing more natural than feeling compelled to react!

Of course, it is very important to avoid blaming your partner when reacting and to try to overcome the feeling of betrayal.

A study led by psychologist Keri Johns at the University of Southern Alabama sheds light on such situations.

Although the study focuses on cheating in general, it also provides information about the effects of third parties on relationships. Thus, it allows to approach such situations in the healthiest way possible.

Researchers who divide forgiveness into two dimensions, positive and negative, draw attention to an important point.

While the positive dimension allows you to approach the events without getting angry and offended, the negative dimension contains intense anger. As you can appreciate, forgiveness that includes anger is not really a real forgiveness.

Of course, it is also very important to interpret the events correctly.

Having your partner talk to someone else, even if it’s harmless, can make you feel left out. However, you should not forget that this is extremely natural. Although your instincts may ring the alarm bells, you should avoid making the wrong decision.

Most importantly, you have to face your feelings!

The more clear and careful you are about your feelings in such situations, the easier it will be to forgive your partner!



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