Transparent-headed fish viewed from the world’s most interesting sea creatures

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The US scientists have recorded the transparent brain, extremely interesting sea life.

Transparent-headed fish viewed from the world's most interesting sea creatures 1

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) scientists, the Latin name is Macropinna Microstoma, and the animal known in casual-eyed or cask-eyed fish, with a remote controlled device.

The rare fish was determined on the exploration trip to the Research Ship Rachel Carson in Monterey Bay on the Bay of Kalifornia.

In the disclosure of the Institute, “our remote control vehicles Ventana and Doc Ricketts dipped in water at least 5 thousand 600 times” statements:

Recorded at least 27 thousand 600 hours video. But we only encountered 9 times with this fish.

The cask-eyed fish is recognized with the green eyes of the shining cask in the liquid filled in the transparent head.

In 2008, scientists discovered that these eyes can be rotated upward in 2008. This means that the fish can easily see the top of the fish thanks to the transparent head.

The majority of its body is capable of comfortably adapting to dark waters with a tiny mouth that is covered with the scales.

Generally, the fish living at a depth of 600 to 800 meters are able to rotate their eyes and still in the water, and can make extremely sharp turns.

MBARI researchers discovered that the fish they observe is eating a jellyfish and their height can be up to a maximum of 15 centimeters.

According to the Evolution Tree, experts think that Macropinna can be camouflaged by transparent head structure.

Thus, these fish can approach the jellets without being noticed and uses this concealment technique during prey.


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