Long-awaited new features have arrived in Telegram

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Long-awaited new features have arrived in Telegram

Telegram had reached a significant number of users, especially due to the data policy of WhatsApp. Of course, the application, which millions of new users flock to, does not stand still.

Telegram, which has gained new features, is progressing very decisively. Telegram also reaches functions that have been used in WhatsApp for a while with new features.

Long-awaited new features have arrived in TelegramThe most notable among Telegram new features is ‘deleting messages by date’
An app that focuses on Telegram group messages. At this point, it offers users brand new features to make group content more special.

Announcing the new features with a blog post, Telegram offers the private content option, while at the same time restricting the redirection and saving screenshots and media content of the group or channel owners to keep the group/channel content private.

The feature of deleting messages by date, which is not currently available in group conversations but can be used in personal messages, allows deleting chat history for a certain day or date range.

In addition to these useful features, Telegram has now added a button to the devices menu to allow you to quickly connect a desktop or laptop computer to your account via QR code, as part of multi-device support. On the other hand, it has also included a setting that automatically logs you out of devices that are inactive for a week, for example, after a certain period of time, with a focus on privacy.


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