President Erdoğan: European Muslims are systematically discriminated against

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Erdoğan: "Yerli aşımızı,

President Erdoğan: European Muslims are systematically discriminated against

President Erdoğan: European Muslims are systematically discriminated against
President Erdoğan: European Muslims are systematically discriminated against

President Erdogan, who started his speech by greeting the participants, said, “I am very happy to be with you on the occasion of this meaningful summit. I convey my greetings and love to all of you, all our friends and brotherly peoples who attended the summit in your person.” used the expressions.

Emphasizing that the genocide in Srebrenica, in the heart of Europe, was engraved as a black stain on the history of humanity, Erdogan said, “Despite the passing quarter century, the pain of our 8 thousand 372 Bosnian brothers who were brutally murdered continues to brand our hearts. I offer my condolences to the grieving families of the victims of the genocide and to the Bosnian people. ”

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Stating that the justice demands of those who lost their loved ones during the genocide were not fully fulfilled and most of the perpetrators of the genocide did not receive the punishment they deserve, President Erdoğan continued as follows:

“Those who sent our brothers who took refuge under the protection of the United Nations to death by handing them over to their murderers did not account for their responsibilities. Even more grave humanity, especially European politicians and media outlets, did not learn the necessary lessons from the Srebrenica Genocide.

The massacres we have witnessed in many parts of the world from Syria to Yemen, from Arakan to New Zealand are the most painful example of this. The international organizations that have been watching the Srebrenica Genocide desperately have just watched these atrocities in recent years. ”

“Racist terrorism is spreading like the plague in many western countries.”

Saying that countries that teach the world about human rights and democracy are leading the way in Islamophobia and xenophobia today, Erdogan said, “Racist terrorism spreads like the plague in many Western countries, sometimes it is protected at the level of the president.” said.

Reminding that the attacks on Muslim places of worship, workplaces, mosques and buildings of non-governmental organizations have reached grave levels, President Erdoğan said:

“European Muslims are systematically discriminated against, their rights and freedoms are taken away. This wrong course, which threatens the future of humanity and the culture of coexistence of different beliefs and cultures, should now be called ‘stop’. Just as anti-Semitism was fought after the Holocaust disaster, today Islam. its hostility must be fought in the same way.

In a period when economic difficulties and social tensions are escalating due to the coronavirus epidemic, all those who defend democracy, freedom, peace and justice, and all statesmen have important duties.

In order to prevent the genocide committed in Srebrenica from repeating again, we should courageously articulate the mistakes we see and look for solutions together. We must fulfill our responsibility not only for ourselves and our countries, but also for the future of our children.

I wish this meaningful summit, which was held on the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide and on the 25th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreement, will be an awakening occasion for the whole world, especially European countries. ”

President Erdoğan congratulated those who contributed to the organization of the summit and thanked all the leaders who supported and contributed to the summit with their participation.



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