From mayor to Trump: Return to your refuge!

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Seattle's Democrat Mayo

Seattle’s Democrat Mayor, Durkan, said, “Keep all of us safe. Go back to your refuge.” shared his statements.

Seattle's Democrat Mayo

“A man who is not capable of running the government should not interfere with the state of Washington,” said Washington State Governor Jay Inslee. he called on Trump to “stop tweeting”.

“There has been no interaction with any armed Antifa militant, though we are closely watching the situation,” said rumors spokesman Lori Patrick, who rumored to be controlling demonstrations in Seattle by far-left groups. he refused.

Trump’s claim that “Seattle’s sovereignty passed to internal terrorists”

During the protests in Seattle after black George George was killed by police violence, a group of demonstrators occupied the city hall yesterday and hung a “Seattle Autonomous Zone” sign on the parliament building, which made him angry.

Trump, who reacted to Washington Governor Inslee and Seattle Mayor Durkan on Twitter, said, “Take your city back. If you don’t, I’ll take it. It’s not a game. These ugly anarchists must be stopped urgently. Move fast.” had called.

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“Seattle, led by radical left-wing Democrats, came under the domination of internal terrorists. Law and order!” had used the expression.

Floyd demonstrations and “internal terror” debates

Floyd, 46, in Minneapolis, died on May 25 as a police officer hit his neck, and the spread of images of this incident on social media brought the police violence in the country to the agenda once again.

In the demonstrations, which started with the demand for “police reform” and “stop racism”, violence and looting occurred in many major cities, including the capital, Washington DC, and National Guards were assigned to the cities.

It was also reported in the news that during the demonstrations in DC, Trump’s bodyguards were briefly taken to the secret shelter under the White House.

Trump, on the other hand, claimed that “Antifa and radical left groups” were behind the events, and described these groups as “internal terrorists”.


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