Erdogan’s visit to Iraq and the codes of the new era

Are Turkey-Iraq relations entering a new era? Is Erdogan's visit to Baghdad a beacon of hope for peace and stability in the region? How will the US withdrawal and Iran's growing influence affect the region? What will happen for Turkmens and Sunnis?

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Erdoğan's visit to Iraq and the codes of the new era

President Erdogan‘s visit to Baghdad could be an important turning point not only for the relations between the two countries but also for the entire region.

One of the most important outcomes of the visit is the progress made in the areas of security and cooperation between Turkey and Iraq. The fight against the PKK is a shared priority for both countries. Iraq’s recognition of the PKK as a “banned organization” during the visit is an important indicator of cooperation in this area.

What will the Development Road Project signed under the presidency of President Erdoğan bring?

The Development Road Project, described as the New Silk Road, will further strengthen Turkey’s economic and geopolitical status.

Economic cooperation was also one of the main agenda items of the visit. The “Development Road” project envisages a new trade and transportation corridor connecting Turkey and Iraq. The realization of this project could make a significant contribution to the regional economy.

Turkey’s contact with Iraqi Turkmens and Sunnis during the visit was also an important development. This shows that Turkey is at an equal distance to all ethnic and sectarian groups in Iraq.

However, tensions in the region are not absent. In particular, the US withdrawal from Iraq and Iran’s growing influence carry the risk of reshaping the regional balance of power. Turkey is following a careful policy against these developments.


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