President Erdoğan: “We completed the elections with a maturity befitting our democracy”

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed the citizens at the AK Party Headquarters regarding the local government elections.

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The highlights of President Erdoğan’s statements are as follows:

Dear nation, dear Ankara residents, dear brothers and sisters, I greet you with my most heartfelt feelings, affection and respect. From here at the AK Party Headquarters, I greet all of Turkey and every single member of the 85 million people with respect.

I would like to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for your support and loyalty.
I praise my Lord for giving me such loyal companions and fellow travelers like you. As a nation and the Islamic world, we are realizing Ramadan, the sultan of 11 months. First of all, I would like to congratulate you and all our nation and all Muslims on Ramadan.

We wish Mawla’s help and assistance to our brothers and sisters in Gaza who spend these blessed days under bombardment.

We ask Allah to bring us to Eid, inshallah, in health, in peace and with our loved ones, just as He brought us to Ramadan.

“We completed the elections with a maturity befitting our democracy”

We completed the March 31 Local Government Elections with a maturity befitting our democracy. Except for some isolated incidents, there were no unfortunate incidents that could cast a shadow on the election atmosphere. In our Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions, we witnessed the oppression and insults of the “slaves” of the separatist organization against our citizens.

But thanks to the effective interventions of our security units, no serious problems arose.

Thanks to the common sense of our citizens and the sacrifices of our security forces, Turkish democracy has once again proven its maturity.

“The Turkish Nation has delivered the message to the politicians by using the ballot box as an opportunity”

First of all, I have to make a point here. Elections, as you know, are the most critical days of democracies. The will of the nation is manifested in the ballot box. The nation speaks its word through the ballot box. The nation conveys its message to politicians through the ballot box. The nation expresses its warning and appreciation through the ballot box.

It is a great gain for our democracy that the decision of the people is manifested at the ballot box without any pressure, imposition or manipulation.

In the March 31 Local Administrations Elections, the Turkish Nation again used the ballot box as an opportunity to convey its messages to the politicians.

“The winner of this election is primarily our democracy”

Regardless of the results, the winner of this election is first and foremost our democracy, the national will, all 85 million people regardless of their political views. The winner of the election marathon was Turkey, our nation, and our democracy for which we paid a heavy price before the candidates.

Today, along with those who voted for the AK Party and the People’s Alliance, everyone who exercised their democratic rights and strengthened the power of the ballot box has won.

From here, I would like to sincerely thank all my citizens, regardless of political party, who freely expressed their will at the ballot box.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to our election committees, polling officers and members of the security forces who worked with a high sense of responsibility.
I wish the election results to be beneficial for our country, our nation, our cities, neighborhoods and villages.

“We did not get the result we wanted from the local election test”

The March 31st elections were our 18th ballot box test in the last 22 years.

9 months after our victory in the May 14-28 elections, unfortunately, we could not get the result we wanted and hoped for in the local election test. As the AK Party and the People’s Alliance, we prepared intensively for this election test, just like the previous ones.

From the day the election calendar started to run, AK Party cadres were in the field day and night. Our members of the organization worked with extraordinary devotion in harmony with our alliance partners. In the last two months, we visited 52 different cities. In this way, we took the pulse of our people and shared our actions, projects and goals with our nation.

We also met with various segments of our society through iftar and opening programs.
I would like to thank all our provinces for embracing us with love.


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