Chinese intelligence warns that “wearables could be used for espionage”

China's Ministry of State Security, which is in charge of intelligence, has warned its citizens that smart wearable devices that can communicate with network devices and electronic monitoring tools used for civilian purposes could be used for cyber espionage by foreign intelligence agencies

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In a post made on the Ministry’s WeChat account, it was stated that smart wearable devices connected to mobile phones via wireless networks and Bluetooth can be intercepted with special “Trojan horse” programs over the internet, and that photo, audio and video recording features can be remotely controlled without the user’s knowledge.

The post stated that when people carrying these devices enter places that require confidentiality, cyber spies can use the devices to access confidential information and records.

Pointing out that network cameras and other electronic surveillance technologies are widely used in daily life and production processes, the post warned that when they are placed at sensitive points, they can lead to the capture of instant data by spies.

It was reported that some foreign intelligence agencies, under the guise of “electronic surveillance equipment vendors”, were found to be providing Chinese fishermen with special camera equipment to monitor their fishing grounds in a network environment.

The statement noted that the control by foreign intelligence agencies of technologies that enable the monitoring of maritime areas, airspace and certain land areas for scientific and technological purposes could harm economic activities and national security, and advised caution against security vulnerabilities.


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