Donald Trump to Biden: The president with the lowest IQ

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Former US President Donald Trump, campaigning in Michigan, said his Democratic successor Joe Biden has the lowest IQ in the history of the country.

Trump, who started the presidential elections fast with his unusual statements and increasing popularity despite the pressure, attacked the current US President Biden at a rally where he met with his supporters in the state of Michigan, saying, “Our president is a man with a very low IQ. I bet that of all the presidents, and we’ve had many presidents, Joe Biden has the lowest IQ of all time.”
In the rest of his speech, Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, described the current US President as a person who “can’t even find the stage by himself during public speeches”, adding that he considers Biden “inadequate for his position”.

‘The US is falling apart’

The former US President, speaking at a rally where he said that his country was falling apart, said, “Look at this, our country is falling apart. We are like a third world country. Joe Biden is controlled by fascists. The fascists who control him are a threat to democracy,” he concluded.


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