Zuckerberg forced to apologize at US Senate hearing

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg had a difficult time in the US Senate. During a session on the impact of social media on children, a senator forced Zuckerberg to apologize.

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Zuckerberg forced to apologize at US Senate hearing

At a US Senate hearing on “child sexual abuse on social media platforms,” executives from Meta, X, TikTok, Snap and Discord had a difficult time facing accusations that they did not take adequate measures on these platforms.

At a hearing organized by the US Senate Judiciary Committee, social media platform executives answered senators’ questions on preventing child sexual abuse.

The session lasted about 4 hours and was attended by Mark Zuckerberg from Meta (Facebook), Linda Yaccarino from X, Shou Zi Chew from TikTok, Jason Citron from Discord and Evan Spiegel from Snap.

Senators complained that executives of social media platforms did not fully support legislation to prevent child abuse and argued that this legislation should be passed and that these executives should be held accountable.

Zuckerberg forced to apologize at US Senate hearing

However, many senators also underlined that no legislation to regulate online platforms has been passed in the US for years.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, pointing to the families of social media victims present in the hall, argued that platform executives were guilty of failing to take the necessary precautions.

Graham called Meta CEO Zuckerber “You have blood on your hands” and said that the “Section 230” legislation in the US, which protects social media platforms from being sued, should be repealed immediately.


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