Want to know the most important scientific breakthroughs expected in 2024?

Promising developments in artificial intelligence and health...

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Every year, the world witnesses promising technologies. The MIT Bulletin has compiled a list of the most prominent technological developments right now.

Technical breakthroughs

The spread of artificial intelligence. Today, we live in the age of AI, where millions of people interact directly with generative tools like Chat GPT to produce text, images, videos and more using simple commands. Today, the popularity of these tools is reshaping the tech industry, making Open AI a household name in the space and encouraging Google, Meta and Microsoft to invest generously in the technology.

Solar cells with superior efficiency

The use of solar energy is spreading rapidly around the world, becoming a cornerstone of global efforts to reduce carbon emissions, and since most of the sun’s rays that reach solar panels today are not converted into electricity, the efficiency of these panels can be increased by adding a layer of tiny crystals.

Apple’s “Vision Pro” glasses

Apple plans to start shipping its first mixed reality glasses, Vision Pro, this year. The glasses’ high-resolution display is the best in its class. Will they have extraordinary applications? We don’t know yet, but Apple is being bold.

Computers with extraordinary computing capabilities

Today, the world’s fastest supercomputers are capable of performing a large number of mathematical operations (as many as 1 followed by eighteen zeros). The emergence of new machines that can analyze data at these speeds will allow scientists to perform more complex simulations of climate, nuclear fission, turbulent flow and other phenomena.

Advanced treatments

First treatment with gene modification. Scientists have been working for years to develop new treatments based on CRISPR technology. In the last weeks of 2023, a new treatment developed by Vertex received approval from the relevant authorities in the United Kingdom and the United States for its impact in the treatment of sickle cell anemia, a fatal disease. This treatment will of course not be the last one developed.

Weight loss medicines

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified obesity as an epidemic after the obesity rate increased significantly globally. Drugs such as “Monaro” and “Wegovi” are among the most powerful medicines doctors and patients are using today to treat this disease. Scientific evidence shows that these drugs can also protect against heart attacks and strokes.

Geothermal and microchips

Improved geothermal systems. Geothermal energy is characterized by its cleanliness, constant abundance and limitlessness, but engineering challenges have prevented us from getting the maximum benefit from it. But modern drilling techniques that go deeper and into places we couldn’t reach before will unlock more of the Earth’s heat to generate clean energy.


Reducing the size of transistor units – a trend that has driven progress in computing over the past decades – is becoming increasingly difficult, and engineers are forced to find new ways to speed up the work of computers and increase their efficiency. Hence the emerging role of microchips – small, customized chips that connect to each other to perform all the functions that traditional chips perform and more.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are electric devices that heat and cool buildings, and their widespread adoption has led to reduced emissions. Sales of these devices have increased worldwide, and in the United States they surpassed sales of gas heaters for the first time. It should be noted that new types operating at higher temperatures will permanently free the industry from carbon emissions.


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