22,000 people committed suicide in Japan in one year

It was reported that 21,818 people, including 1010 students, committed suicide in Japan in 2023.

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Japan’s National Police Agency (Keisatsu-çô) released preliminary statistics on suicides across the country in 2023.

According to preliminary data, the number of suicides across the country last year decreased by 63 compared to the previous year to 21,818. It was stated that 14,854 of those who ended their lives were men and 6,964 were women.

Students constituted 1010 of those who committed suicide, including 507 in primary, middle and high schools.

The three biggest reasons

According to the data, health problems, cost of living and working conditions were the top three reasons for suicide.

Accordingly, the rate in 2023 was one of the highest since 1980, when comparable data was recorded.

“We will promote comprehensive measures to create a society where no one has to die by suicide,” the Health Ministry official said.


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