Expert warns ‘it affects the brain’: ‘You should not consume more than 1 glass of alcohol in the same night’

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Health and wellness coach James Swanwick and Assistant Professor Remi Daviet warned people who drink two or three alcoholic drinks a night about the effects on the brain. So how does drinking too much alcohol affect the body?

Citing a study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania in 2022 and involving 36,000 people, health and wellness coach James Swanwick said that drinking two or three alcoholic drinks a night is not a good idea.

According to scientists, this study makes it clear that alcohol is not really good for the brain, and that the size and structure of the brains of heavy alcohol consumers resemble the minds of people with cognitive disorders.

However, even those who are not heavy drinkers should be careful. Because the findings conclude that even light to moderate drinkers have a reduction in the size of their brains.
Of course, experts caution that the more alcohol you drink, the worse the effects will be, but even one drink a night can have some noticeable consequences after enough time has passed. So, according to this study, even if you have two or three drinks a night and think that this is a reasonable moderation, you should remember that alcohol will still harm you.

Assistant Prof. Dr. Remi Daviet warned that the study points out that having more than one drink on the same day is much worse. According to Daviet, each drink can have more of an effect than the one that preceded it. According to health guidelines, no more than a single pint should be consumed each night.

Expert warns 'it affects the brain': 'You should not consume more than 1 glass of alcohol in the same night'

Sleeping with alcohol does not lead to quality sleep

Experts first talk about the quality of sleep the night after drinking alcohol. For example, there is a difference between the quality of sleep after a few glasses of wine and the quality of normal sleep, because the sleep provided by alcohol is ‘not quality sleep’. This is why many people feel tired after drinking alcohol, even if they sleep for long hours.

The cause of the headache is said to be vasoconstriction. In other words, after drinking alcohol, the blood vessels constrict and create a back reaction, hence the headache. Also, the eyes swell due to the dilation of capillaries caused by alcohol.

In addition, the diuretic nature of alcohol causes dehydration. Therefore, one of the first things to do in the morning is to drink plenty of water, and if possible, it may even be helpful to apply a cream containing intense moisture to the skin before going to sleep, and a cream with an anti-aging effect on the face after waking up.

A strong coffee after a hangover may not be a good idea

Although a strong cup of coffee is thought to cure a hangover, experts advise against it, noting that coffee aids dehydration. The veins that react after alcohol can also cause you to wake up sweating. For this reason, taking a good shower is considered a solution by experts.

If you are determined to start January 1 in a sporty way, you are advised to be careful. Aside from the negative effects on body balance, headaches and the like, sweating and heavy exercise can cause health problems as well as injuries.

So, what should be done?

While the first recommendation for those who don’t want a hangover is of course to ‘drink moderately’, there are a few helpful solutions for those who already drink. Some of these can be consuming herbal teas with a slice of lemon to soothe the stomach and help remove toxins. Chamomile, fennel, sage will also help you feel better.

In addition, bananas are a good source of energy and contain potassium, which will help you feel refreshed and calm your stomach. During the day, experts say that you shouldn’t load an already sensitive stomach with heavy carbohydrates.

Of course, if possible, you can take a sauna or a steam bath to detoxify, but don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Finally, a mixture of buttermilk and soda water can also help the body to recover.


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