How to remove spiders from the house?

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In this article, we will try to give the right ways to get rid of spiders that have settled in your home. If you do not live in very hot countries, spiders in your home will not harm you much. First of all, it may help you to understand the reasons for their presence in your home.

What are the reasons for spiders in your home?

Spiders can settle in your living space for various reasons:

1. Your home is warm: Especially in the fall when it starts to get cold outside, spiders look for warm corners.
2. Your home is damp: It is no coincidence that most of the time spiders live in bathrooms and kitchens. These arthropods feel comfortable in humid environments.
3. There is a lot of food: Spiders are predators and feed on insects such as flies and cockroaches. Spiders in your home mean that these pests are hiding somewhere.
4. Your house is not clean: In fact, flies and cockroaches are found in your house because of garbage or food crumbs, and they are also tasty food for spiders.

What can be done to get rid of spiders in the house?


First of all, do a general cleaning at home. Clean all nooks and crannies. Remove crumbs from the kitchen drawers. Look on the bathroom floor, under the bathtub, behind the toilet bowl and sink and clean everything there. You can collect the nets with a stick with a damp cloth wrapped around it.

Then start removing the spiders. Of course, the problem is not solved by cleaning the webs, the uninvited guests and the eggs they lay are still hiding somewhere.

Use natural remedies

It is known that spiders cannot stand pungent odors. Therefore, you can use natural and pungent odors to repel them.

– Add 15-20 drops of peppermint essential oil to 1 liter of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray on baseboards, corners and all cracks in the house. The scent will help spiders to move away from these places. Eucalyptus or tea tree oil can also be used instead of peppermint oil.

– Mix ½ cup of vinegar and the same amount of water. Using a spray bottle, spray the areas where the spiders are found. If the acid gets on them, the arthropods will die. However, if you want to remove the spiders without killing them, pour some vinegar into small containers (you can also use small bottles) and place them in the corners of the room. Do not use this technique if there are small children in the house: they may accidentally drink the vinegar.
– Slice lemon, crush horse chestnuts or hazelnuts and place them around the room. A strong odor will cause the spiders to move away.

– Spiders do not like the smell of sheep’s wool. You can therefore place a piece of wool or yarn near their webs.

Don’t resort to chemicals to get rid of spiders

Spiders sit in their webs most of the time and don’t run around the house, so crayons, gels or traps that work on cockroaches have little effect.

Therefore, sprayed drugs are generally preferred. These should be sprayed on baseboards, corners, under doors and windows. People and animals should be removed from the environment during the process. Be sure to ventilate the room 15-20 minutes after the treatment.

Use with caution. Use with gloves and cloth mask. Be sure to read the instructions on the package.

Ultrasonic repellents against spiders

You can find special insect repellents in stores. These repellents work on spiders. The devices are inaudible to humans, but they make sounds that are unpleasant to arthropods. And the spiders leave their territory as a result.

How to keep new spiders away

It’s very simple. The important thing is that the house is clean and low humidity. Clean your home regularly, get rid of food waste in good time and don’t let garbage accumulate. Thoroughly clean all surfaces in the kitchen and leave the bathroom door slightly ajar from time to time to ventilate. If you have air conditioning, you can occasionally run it in dehumidification mode.


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