How is Daemon Targaryen doing now?

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In the fourth episode of House of the Dragon, Daemon Targaryen makes things more worse for himself, although this foreshadows a significant change for the character in Driftmark.

In House of the Dragon episode 4, King Viserys banishes Daemon Targaryen once more, leaving him with little alternatives for influence and allies in King’s Landing. The Rogue Prince never stays in the Red Keep for very long, and upon his return from his triumph in the Stepstones, the King’s brother was promptly banished once more. Daemon uses his niece’s fascination with him as an opportunity to woo Rhaenyra and teach her the pleasures of the bedroom, sealing his own doom.

Daemon Targaryen was exiled once more shortly after making atonement with King Viserys by bringing him his crown from the Stepstones. Daemon was already exiled for celebrating Prince Baelon’s birth and referring to him as the “one-day heir,” albeit the second incident is significantly more scandalous. In the fourth episode of House of the Dragon, Daemon seduces Rhaenyra in a Flea Bottom brothel. The Prince won’t admit that he had sex with Rhaenyra even though he abruptly left her before that. Daemon suggests that Viserys marry Princess Rhaenyra to him when Viserys confronts him about the allegations, but the King rejects the idea and instead sends his brother away.

Daemon Targaryen is an exile, thus his options for where to go next are limited. He already had to leave his job on Dragonstone, he has no desire to accompany his wife to the Vale, and there are only Mysaria and Corlys left who could be willing to take him in. The wisest course of action for Daemon Targaryen is to return to his kingdom in the Stepstones and strengthen his alliance with Corlys Velaryon on Driftmark because Mysaria is still in Flea Bottom and even cooperating with Otto Hightower. The next natural place for Daemon Targaryen to travel in House of the Dragon seems to be Bloodstone in the Stepstones, where he went in Fire & Blood after being exiled for courting Rhaenyra. Daemon must find another method to establish his own dominance in Westeros because his brother left him no inheritance, his relationship with Rhaenyra may be strained, and he has very few allies. His next big action was actually gently hinted at in House of the Dragon episode 4 with a passing mention.

What Takes Place to Daemon After King Viserys Banishes Him?

How is Daemon Targaryen doing now? 1

If the events of Fire & Blood are followed in House of the Dragon, Daemon will spend some time in the Stepstones before learning of the passing of his wife Rhea Royce. When Rhea perishes after falling from a horse, Daemon takes advantage of the situation to fly to the Vale and take over her position as Runestone. However, after being expelled by Lady Jeyne Arryn, the Rogue Prince of the House of the Dragon travels to visit Corlys Velaryon in Driftmark, where he appears to fall in love with Laena Velaryon. Laena is already engaged to the son of a Sealord of Braavos, as was revealed in House of the Dragon episode 4 though.

Daemon is probably going to be seen pleading with Corlys to allow him to marry Laena in House of the Dragon episode 5, where there will probably be another time jump. Daemon challenges the Braavosi to a duel because in the novel Corlys is eager to accept because he has already been attempting to break the marriage pact. Daemon, who was exiled from Westeros by King Viserys, takes advantage of this crisis to reestablish his authority in the realm by wielding his blade, Dark Sister, to victory. Daemon brings Laena to Essos until the two return home with infants since Viserys refused to approve of their marriage. After this point, it’s possible that House of the Dragon season 1 will introduce its big 10-year time jump.


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