On the US-Israel spat

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The 19th century was a century of wars. The waves of war continued chronologically until 1945. For this reason, sane and well-informed historians do not get caught up in the simplicities of chronology. The 19th century ended in 1945, i.e. with the end of the Second World War. The 20th century actually began in 1945. 1989 and 1991, which marked the collapse of the USSR, were dynamic developments that closed an era that historian Hobsbawn calls the Short 20th Century.

Although the 19th century was characterized by wars, various peace projects were also on the agenda. The most important of these was Metternich’s project, which was accepted by the warring European states in 1815. What was interesting here was the assumption that a possible peace would be based on a balance of powers. Just as Montesquieu saw the separation and balance of powers as indispensable for the sustainability of the state, Metternich made a similar reasoning for the sustainability of peace in inter-state relations. The notorious system of checks and balances in the United States can be considered as a third pattern that can serve as an example of this balanced view.

The 20th century, on the other hand, based the balance on some much harsher variables, especially ideological variables. It is customary to call this a bipolar world. However, this is essentially a singular world system constructed by the United States. After the Second World War, the United States was led by an elite that realized that it could not dominate the world as a whole. These elites were actually people with a European mindset or mentality. In a way, they were the successors of Metternich. They had the foresight to realize that building hegemony was serious and very problematic. First of all, they had to find an enemy. The USSR was perfect for this. There were those who longed for a war with the USSR, who dreamt of dropping atomic bombs on Moscow and Leningrad, just like Hiroshima. But even these adventurers were not given a pass after a certain point. It has always seemed problematic to me to explain the leak of the atomic bomb formulas to the Soviets solely on the heroism of the Rosenbergs. I must say that I always reserve the possibility that it was someone inside the United States who gave it a direction. Sustainability requires a dialectic, a balance based on opposites. Whatever is carried out on the basis of arbitrariness, excess, immoderation, even if it provides brilliant results for a short period of time, it collapses in the medium and long term. If the mind is seduced, it will fade away. This has been the case since the sages of the Temple of Delphi, and indeed since the entire legacy of wisdom, and philosophically since Aristotle’s Ethica Nicomachean.

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The collapse of the USSR eliminated the enemy. It was precisely after this that the US experienced a rapid elite change. These new elites, first organized within the Republicans, were composed of people who were originally from the countryside (Midwest), but with a rapid mobilization and an indigestible rise. They were spoiled, extravagant, outrageous, narcissistic, liked to roll the dice, and laughed when they won. They purged the old elites starting in the 1990s. They had convinced themselves that the US would rule the world without any balance or limits and that it would always win. One of their common traits was an unadulterated hatred of Islam. 9/11 was the icing on their cake. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, the Arab Spring, Ukraine, the color revolutions were all their works.

It was their custom to denigrate Europe and European traditions. Even though deep down they hated the Semites as a whole and this hatred sometimes surfaced, they hid it, suppressed it and even went along with Israel. Trump was their man. Under Trump, they recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. They patted Netanyahu on the back. They brought the Arabs to their knees and brought them under Israel’s control. Trump lost the election. The part of the new elite that actually dislikes Jews switched to the Democratic Party en masse. (Blinken-Pence difference) At the beginning, Biden was saying that the US did not have to pursue a policy in the Middle East indexed to Israel, that Israel should accept a two-state solution, that the Sauds should be held accountable for the murder of Khashoggi, and that the real enemy was Russia. The Russia-Ukraine war has disrupted the prioritization of Israel that began in the Trump era. This is where Netanyahu and the extremist Israeli parties came in. October 7 and its aftermath shifted the focus back to the Middle East. Ukraine was exposed. Putin was relieved.

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October 7 and its aftermath are, from another perspective, Israel-US tensions. The Biden government was virtually relegated to off-side. They wanted to control the situation. They sent the navy. They gave unlimited support to Israel, which was committing massacres. But this did not stop Netanyahu, who had nothing to lose. Israel went out of control by committing a brutal massacre. It has frustrated the United States. What Israel wants from the US is to fight alongside it until a Middle East is established in which it is free of all enemies and over which it has absolute sovereignty. Attack Iran, eliminate Hezbollah, destroy Lebanon, and even destroy Turkey. Blinken’s last visit to Israel was a scandal. It was rumored that the two sides shouted and yelled at each other during the talks. The US is paying the price for its outrageous and unbalanced policies. Yemen, in which he was sucked into, has become a complete disgrace for him. It is as if Israel has grabbed the United States by the nose and is pulling it. At this very moment, the process of Israel’s trial in the International Courts began… It did not end; the FBI raided a synagogue in New York, under which there were bloody caverns. What a coincidence, wasn’t the rabbi of the synagogue an extremist who blessed Netanyahu and lusted for the Armageddon war? …And what a coincidence, the Epstein files, which were almost forgotten, started to be published in sheets and sheets… Biden and his son, who has been proven to be a pedophile… The fight is growing… It will grow even more. Critically, we are approaching the US elections. If Netanyahu can hold out until that day and Trump comes in, woe to us… I don’t even want to think about a “Biden-Blinken out, Trump-Pence in” situation. Then I wonder what our superficial journalists, who are Trumpists like a team, will look like and what they will say…

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Süleyman Seyfi Öğün

Süleyman Seyfi Öğün: Born on February 4, 1959 in Muğla. After graduating from Bursa Anatolian High School in 1977, he completed his undergraduate education at Bursa Uludağ University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in 1982. In 1986, he completed his master's degree at Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Sciences. In 1991, he became a doctor of politics at Uludağ University, an associate professor in 1993 and a professor in 1998. Until 2010, he worked in the public administration department of Uludağ University's Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and retired. Between 2010 and 2016, he taught at Maltepe University's Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences as the head of the international relations and European Union department. In 2020, he moved to Istanbul Commerce University's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and started working in the department of political science and international relations. He participates as a commentator in the program titled Akıl Odası on TvNet channel. He is also a columnist for Yeni Şafak newspaper.

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