Unequal Holiday Burden: Bridging the Gap in Christmas Responsibilities

Women wind up doing most of the work for Christmas, survey shows

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A fresh survey of British adults unveils a stark reality: women bear the brunt of Christmas chores. Commissioned by OnePoll, the study exposes a glaring imbalance in festive responsibilities, challenging traditional gender norms and advocating for more balanced involvement.

The data is eye-opening: a whopping 80% of women report carrying the majority of the “mental burden” linked to Christmas preparations, including planning, shopping, cooking, gift-wrapping, and even cleaning. Notably, 68% of women handle gift-wrapping, compared to a mere 32% of men, while 58% manage greeting cards.

Moreover, women are 20% more likely than men to set the Christmas dinner table and twice as likely to ensure pets have gifts to “unwrap.”

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A quarter of surveyed women feel completely burdened, asserting they bear “all” holiday responsibilities, with partners contributing nothing. Conversely, tasks like fueling the car and hanging outdoor lights are more commonly shouldered by men.

Unequal Holiday Burden: Bridging the Gap in Christmas Responsibilities
When it comes to Christmas, one in every four women claims to do all of the labor. (Pexels photo by Tim Douglas)

The survey also exposes relational strains, with 17% of adults admitting arguments with partners over pre-Christmas preparations. Furthermore, 62% believe women predominantly manage the mental load for a seamless holiday season.

A OnePoll spokesperson emphasizes the collective nature of Christmas, asserting that sharing the mental load ensures everyone feels valued. They argue it’s not about gender roles but recognizing unique strengths and collaborating for a magical holiday season. The spokesperson notes an apparent old-fashioned approach to Christmas in much of the UK.

While 57% acknowledge women’s organizational prowess for Christmas décor and celebrations, 56% of women admit these tasks dampen their holiday spirit. Conversely, 24% of men confess to generally relaxing during festive preparations.

The OnePoll spokesperson underscores the essence of Christmas: shared moments and efforts. They advocate for equal contributions from both men and women, not only lightening the workload but also strengthening family bonds, making the holiday season genuinely special.

Unequal Holiday Burden: Bridging the Gap in Christmas Responsibilities
Christmas may bring joy to homes around the world, but who really should be thanked for making the holiday truly special? (photo Pexels )

Top 20 Christmas Tasks More Often Handled by Women

1. Wrapping presents
2. Buying food
3. Purchasing gifts
4. House cleaning
5. Writing cards
6. Cooking
7. Deciding on gift choices
8. Erecting the Christmas tree
9. Decorating the house
10. Budgeting
11. Tidying between events
12. Preparing the Christmas dinner table
13. Planning hosting menus
14. Ensuring adequate alcohol supply
15. Buying pet presents
16. Contacting relatives
17. Arranging Christmas outfits
18. Organizing the family calendar
19. Buying food for special diets
20. Managing seating arrangements

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