NASA has set the date for landing on the Moon!

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NASA stated that they are planning to land on the Moon for the first time in many years and that the preparations are continuing and that the landing to be made in January 2024 will take place unmanned with the vehicle called Peregrine.

More than half a century has passed since US astronauts set foot on the moon in 1969. But the conspiracy theories on the subject have not ceased.

According to Cumhuriyet, US officials now seem ready to do it again, with NASA planning to land a vehicle on the Moon on January 25 next year.

However, this lander, called Peregrine, will not be very exciting as there will be no one on board.


Peregrine will collect various samples from the Moon and help ensure the success of future manned Artemis missions to the Moon. The Artemis missions aim to build a lunar base on the lunar surface.

“We’re trying to launch and land on the surface of the Moon at a fraction of the normal cost,” NASA said in a statement on Wednesday. Only half of the missions that have gone to the lunar surface have been successful. So this is certainly a daunting challenge.”


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To date, only four countries have successfully landed on the Moon – the United States, Russia, China and most recently India.

Chris Culbert, manager of a NASA program called Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS), which aims to enable private companies to provide transportation services to the lunar surface, said:

“NASA leadership recognizes the risks and acknowledges that some of these missions may not be successful. “Even if not every landing is successful, CLPS has a significant impact on the commercial infrastructure needed to build a lunar economy…”


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