Reddit has changed its logo! Here is the new design

Reddit, one of the world's largest social media platforms, introduces its new logo as part of its rebranding

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Founded in June 2005, Reddit has become one of the most popular social media platforms by constantly increasing the number of users since then. So much so that the company went for rebranding. Here is the new Reddit logo…

Introducing the new Reddit logo and Snoo

Reddit made a big announcement today, announcing a rebranding. With this change, the logo of the social media platform has changed, while Snoo, known as the mascot robot, now has a three-dimensional appearance. Here is the old and new Reddit logo;

As part of the rebrand, Reddit not only made Snoo three-dimensional, but also added a thumb. The genderless mascot robot is also prominent in the new logo. Finally, the company also changed its fonts. The company introduced new fonts called “Reddit Display” and “Reddit Sans” and reflected this change in its logo.

Reddit has changed its logo! Here is the new design 1

Companies are constantly rebranding to keep up with the trends of the time. In this context, many of them are making the icon they use three-dimensional. The latest example is Reddit, while a few months ago tech giant Google took a similar step for its Android logo. In the near future, Twitter, or X, Meta and Microsoft may also make the change.


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