Recommendations for those who want to become an influencer

Today, as the world of digital marketing is evolving rapidly, the interest in influencer marketing is increasing day by day. If you want to collaborate with brands and make a name for yourself in the glorious world of social media, get ready to discover how to become an influencer!

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What is an influencer?

This week, I have prepared a guide for those who want to become influencers. Here are the suggestions that will shed light on your path to becoming an influencer and the most important issues to be aware of!

What is an influencer?

An influencer is a person who uses social media channels to influence followers’ purchasing decisions. Successful influencers usually provide valuable content on social media that is specific to the medium. They have a unique style and style. They share information, entertainment or educational content in a way that attracts the attention of their followers. They are also known for their ability to engage with their audience and build a loyal and engaged following.

In fact, to become an influencer, it is necessary to create a unique style and share this content in accordance with social media algorithms. Likewise, the concept of being an influencer and its content is constantly evolving; with new social media applications, each platform creates its own influencer.

My suggestion for those who want to be recognized as influencers on social media; you can produce digital content that will have a positive impact on your career in your field of expertise, or you can take the first step towards becoming an influencer by dancing or shooting fun videos. After making this move, you can increase your number of followers and even reach millions of viewers by producing regular content.

Influencers are divided into three categories according to the number of followers and the power of influence; the concepts of macro, micro and nano influencers have now become an industry terminology to indicate the size of the audience of influencers. So what do these concepts mean? Let me explain right away: Macro influencers are accounts with 500,000 to 1 million followers, micro influencers are accounts with 10,000 to 50,000 followers and nano influencers are accounts with up to 10,000 followers.

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What does it take to become an influencer?

Today, being an influencer is not only about producing content, but also about integrating technology. In order to make a name for yourself in the social media world and expand your audience, following trends closely becomes a critical element to increase your success. Influencer agencies and brands are on the hunt for talent on social media, discovering new names every day. So what does it take to become an influencer and collaborate with brands? Here are my suggestions for those who want to become influencers:

Understand social media: Explore social media platforms and identify which platforms your audience is on. Understanding the dynamics of each platform will help you build your strategy.

Identify a niche: Find and focus on a niche to become an influencer. Specialize in a specific topic so that you can provide valuable content to your followers.

Create a personal brand: Create a personal brand that makes you unique. From your profile photo to your bio, every detail should reflect your brand image.

Create quality content: Create quality content to engage and keep your followers interested. Diversify by using photos, videos, reels, stories, articles and other types of content.

Creating a target audience: Build a following on social media. Engage with people, respond to comments and build loyalty by interacting with your followers.

Collaborations and networking: Collaborate with other influencers and create your own networking network. This approach is important to expand your audience and create new opportunities.

Emphasize training and development: Continuously improve your social media and influencer marketing skills and plan your content according to changing algorithms by following trends. You can gain a competitive advantage by improving yourself in these areas.

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Use of data and technical analysis: Optimize your strategy by using analytics and social media data for your target audience. Understanding which content is more effective is important to increase success.

Making your account look professional: It is very important that your account looks professional and inspires confidence in your followers. Establish a sincere relationship with your followers and take care to create a trustworthy influencer image.

By paying attention to the details mentioned above, you can build your own influencer career and become a well-known influencer in the social media world.

What are the legal obligations you need to know to become an influencer?

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If you want to make a name for yourself in the digital world, you should not neglect the legal responsibilities of being an influencer. So what should you pay attention to and what should you avoid? Below I have listed the legal obligations you need to know to become an influencer:
Advertising and collaborations: The collaborating brand should appeal to the needs and interests of the influencer’s audience and align with their values. This can leave a more natural and sincere impact on followers, and collaborations and sponsorships should be clearly stated in your posts. Advertising content should be clearly introduced to your target audience, and veiled advertising should be avoided, especially in health products. The brand or product to be collaborated with should be compatible with the influencer’s own content and audience, and the information provided in the content should be accurate and transparent.

Consumer rights: Product reviews and promotions on social media should be accurate and honest. Product reviews should be done transparently and misleading information should be avoided. The influencer should try the product they will promote and share their own experiences. This can make the content more real and reliable. In addition, the content of the products to be promoted should be questioned; companies that do not harm humans, animals and the environment should be promoted. Likewise, if these issues are not taken into consideration, consumer victimization may occur and influencers may be held legally responsible for misleading advertising.

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Copyrights: Copyrights of music, visual content and other materials should be respected in your social media posts. Keep in mind that on many platforms, your account can be closed if you violate copyright 3 times.

Privacy and personal data: You should not share private correspondence with your followers and you should not disclose their private posts. Likewise, the disclosure of correspondence between individuals constitutes the crime of violation of the confidentiality of communication.

Children’s rights: You should pay special attention to content targeting children and pay attention to the privacy of the child.

Content standards: Content should be created in accordance with the platform’s rules and general ethical rules. When promoting products, statements that fall within the scope of health claims should be avoided, and claims that the promoted product cures or cures a disease should not be made. Illegal betting, games of chance and banned products should not be promoted.

Tax and legal obligations: If you earn income from social media through brand collaborations and advertising models, this income must be invoiced and taxed. You can get information from an accountant about taxation of income and set up your company according to your income. Likewise, you need to invoice your income in the same way in affilate programs.

Brand infringement: When advertising on social media, care should be taken not to damage the rights of other brands and counterfeit products should not be advertised.

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