Morality and Religion Out Politics In

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Morality and Religion Out Politics In

This article was going to contain political analyses based on some titles because I prefer to write on the political agenda these days. And I am still trying to go through such a mental construct. Trying to examine the topics that want to be discussed by centering on the concepts of politics, morality and religion, or the fact that these three are the basic concepts that shape human life – of course, we should add art as an addition – makes people swing left and right while writing. It also causes mental fatigue as it creates the perception that you are losing the whole you want to convey. I mean; it’s as if you are struggling over these three concepts, not what you want to say, and you find yourself talking about morality and religion with empty content.

Perhaps you are aware that after the two great wars of the 20th century, humanity discussed these three basic concepts in the modern world constructed by liberal politics. The 20th century’s greatest achievement was to ensure that ideologies and beliefs were no longer a cause of war but a tool of politics. Okay, actually, the historical background of this was formed with the modernization and humanism of the 16th-17th centuries, but the establishment of the UN as a political organization, the recognition of the independence of states, and then the establishment of the Court of Human Rights is the embodiment of moving politics and diplomacy to the center. I think it is a bit strange to make this sentence long. Because when we see that the last 15-20 years have been spent with religious wars in the Middle East… But this does not have enough power to change the reality on which the world system is based, on the contrary, it is an argument that makes the point we want to make stronger… The fact that we are discussing that these wars are a primitiveness shows that doing politics and conducting diplomacy have become the main value. Wars are no longer fought for religions and ideologies, but for political interests. Because with Hünamism, man is a being defined not by religion but by politics. Because man is a ‘free being’. Freedom is the most fundamental concept of modern politics. Therefore, politics is now a value in itself, and religion and morality are sub-elements of this value… Thus, morality and religion stand before us in the first quarter of the 21st century as an empty concept…

Digital Age, Humanism and Politics

What 16th-17th century modernity, that is, the thinkers who philosophically grounded the modern world, put before us in the theory of religion and morality is the idea that religion is a set of beliefs and morality is a concept that regulates the behaviors that society accepts as right and wrong. To put it more precisely, humanism conceptually moved to the center of the modern world.

But now people are moving further and further away from the concepts and philosophy of the modern age. Humanity has moved all its problems to the network system of the digital age. The “human-individual” defined by humanism is now evolving towards something else. The individual can no longer be defined without considering digital networks. The human of the ancient world, the “caliph of God”, cannot go beyond biology and physiology. The “human-individual” does not know where artificial intelligence will lead. The human-centered world, which until yesterday was the determinant of philosophy, religion, morality and law, is now questioning its own reality. What is a human being? The answer to this question now stands there as a problem for artificial intelligence.

The digital age is the age of “data”. Data storage and data analysis tools on the Internet, a structuring called big data that enables the collection and analysis of data that plays an important role in strategic decision-making by businesses and governments… The definition of strong and weak is redefined through data. The more data you process and produce, the stronger you can be. The most important concept of this age where data and analysis work together is politics. Religion, philosophy and morality have unquestionably given way to politics. In the meantime, we can open a parenthesis and talk about art as an alternative to politics, but art does not have the power to feed this system and may even collapse it. Art is always a hope for “human beings” but for now it is weak enough to darken their future.

Politics is not like that, it is a concept whose power is increasing and as it increases, it both eviscerates all concepts and strengthens its sovereignty. Since the early 21st century, “globalization” has been the most important concept that has brought politics to the center. The interconnectedness of the world, the desire to direct capital, international trade, climate change, etc. through centralized decision-making… The digital age provides the opportunity to do exactly this, but there is a problem. Human-centered anti-global structures still exist in the world. There are still human beings, morality, religion and philosophy that defend a human-centered world. And they have shown in Ukraine that they have the potential to wage war against this order. We didn’t look at it that way, did we? Is it a bit strange, but it is…

Humanity has experienced great revolutions in the wake of wars. As wars grow and spread, this effect is felt more and more. Wars are also times when we question morality and religion. Some wars last long and drag change to different points.

The main source of the article: https://www.turkiyepolitik.com/?p=159


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