New revelations on Twitter: Conservative accounts shut down as ‘Russian bots’

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After Twitter changed hands, a new one was added to the revelations of the past period. In the latest post titled ‘Big media fraud’, it was written that hundreds of conservative and right-leaning accounts were labelled as ‘Russian bots’. In this regard, it was stated that the mainstream media was also directed.

New ones are being added to Twitter revelations revealing the US’s past lawlessness and oppression.

Independent journalist Matt Taibbi shared the last series of the so-called ‘Twitter Files’ under the name ‘Big Media Fraud’.

Emphasis on “Russian bot”

The files revealed that the Hamilton 68 analytics site misleadingly labelled conservative and right-leaning accounts as ‘Russian bots’.

It was claimed that these accounts were unfairly labelled as the source of Russian-sponsored propaganda and unfairly shut down.

The Hamilton 68 website is funded by the Alliance for the Defence of Democracy.

“Mainstream media also played an active role”

The latest revelations revealed that this structure, which also received support from former US intelligence experts, was used as a means of pressure on the conservative sector.

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The files also revealed that the mainstream media played an active role in this operation.

It was emphasised that many important organisations, from Politico, which cited Hamilton 68 analysis sites, to the Washington Post, served the lie that hundreds of accounts were Russian bots to the public.



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