Valorant says goodbye to Windows 7!

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With the release of Valorant Episode 6 patch, Riot Games has announced that the game will no longer be compatible with Windows 7

Valorant, a tactical FPS game developed by Riot Games, reached many users in a short time and became very successful. Valorant, which is preferred by many users thanks to its low system requirements as well as its enjoyable gameplay, is coming to an end.

Valorant will no longer be playable on Windows 7 computers

With the release of the Valorant Episode 6 patch, Riot Games announced that the game will no longer be compatible with Windows 7. While this change is not mentioned in the patch notes, the developers have removed compatibility with systems older than Windows 10 to combat cheating.

A member of the Valorant community brought this to light on Twitter. The fact that this information was not shared in the patch notes of Valorant, which became unplayable on Windows 7 with the new patch, caused controversy. It is thought that Riot Games did not include this situation in the patch notes so that cheaters would not be warned in advance.

Valorant says goodbye to Windows 7! 1

In November 2022, the company disabled systems that were not compatible with its anti-cheat software Riot Vanguard. However, it seems that Windows 7 needs to be completely removed from the game for the anti-cheat system to work fully efficiently.

The Riot Vanguard system has been very useful against cheaters in the past. Especially in competitive mode, the system provides a higher level of gaming experience and disables players who cheat. This ensures a much healthier environment in the Valorant game.

With the 6.0 patch in Valorant, many innovations also joined the game. Lotus and new costume packs have been added to the game, as well as a new Battle Pass and a reset rank system. Those who want to continue the game in the new season will have to update their systems.


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