Zelensky to Russia: Withdraw troops from Ukraine by Christmas

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky called on Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory during the upcoming Christmas period.
Zelensky took part in an online meeting of the leaders of the G7 countries chaired by Germany.

Inviting Russia to take the necessary steps for a concrete settlement process, Zelenskiy reminded that Christmas will be celebrated around the world in the coming days. Zelenskiy called on Russia to withdraw its army from Ukraine during the feast days and said:

“This (Christmas) is a time when normal people think about peace, not aggression. I suggest that Russia should at least try to prove that it can give up aggression. It would be right that this Christmas Russian troops start withdrawing from internationally recognized Ukrainian territory. If Russia withdraws its troops from Ukraine, there will be a credible cessation of hostilities.”

Stating that he believes it is possible to achieve peace if the solution he proposed to Russia is fulfilled, Zelenskiy said that they will now wait for news from Moscow.

“Continued support for Ukraine” message

Stating that the war against Russia has been going on in his country for months, Zelenskiy said that they are grateful to the G7 countries for their military, social and financial aid to Ukraine.

Stating that Ukraine needs strong solidarity as the war continues, Zelenskiy said, “I ask you all to continue the solidarity next year. Russia continues its aggression and therefore support for Ukraine must continue.”

Pointing out that Russia has more missile and artillery systems than Ukraine, Zelenskiy stated that arms aid to his country should be increased.

“Ukraine needs modern tanks, and I ask you to provide this opportunity for defense. Ukraine needs constant support of artillery systems, weapons and ammunition,” Zelensky said.

Zelenskiy argued that the Russian military is trying to drag not only Ukraine but also European countries towards an energy disaster by targeting critical energy infrastructures in Ukraine and said, “I invite you to increase the assistance to Ukraine in terms of natural gas.”

Zelenskiy stated that they are also making efforts through negotiations to stop Russian aggression against his country and reminded that he recently proposed a 10-point “Ukrainian Formula” for peace at the G20 Summit held in Indonesia.

Pointing out that an international forum should be organized to implement the peace formula proposed by Ukraine, Zelenskiy said, “I propose to you to organize a special summit, the Global Peace Formula Summit, to decide how and when we can implement the articles of Ukraine’s peace formula.”


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