5 million dollar “pasta” lawsuit in the US

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In the US, a consumer sued the manufacturer for 5 million dollars on the grounds that the preparation time specified on the pasta package did not include the time to open the package.

A consumer in the state of Florida filed a $5 million lawsuit against the manufacturer, citing that the preparation time of macaroni and cheese made in a microwave oven did not include the time to open the package.

The packaging of the product subject to the lawsuit states that macaroni and cheese can be prepared in 3.5 minutes.

The plaintiff argued that this did not include the time it took to open the lid of the box and the bag of cheese sauce.

He claimed that he therefore paid more for the macaroni and cheese than he should have.

Lawyers for the plaintiff also argued that the company should stop its “misleading” advertising.

The company’s lawyers called the lawsuit “frivolous”.

The “little hamburger” was also sued

The allegation that consumers were “misled” in the US has been the subject of lawsuits before.

In May, a person in New York filed a $50 million lawsuit against the chain, claiming that it showed burgers 15 percent larger than their actual size in advertisements.



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