NATO’s statement on negotiations with Russia: We will support if it is in favor of Ukraine

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NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg stated that they will support Ukraine if the conditions are in Ukraine’s favor in case of possible negotiations with Russia.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said, “We want to support Ukraine on the ground and strengthen its hand at the table. If there are conditions that Ukraine will accept, we will support it.”

Stoltenberg said that Russian President Vladimir Putin made two big mistakes while invading Ukraine, and that one of these strategic mistakes was underestimating Ukrainians, their courage and commitment to protect the country, and the other was underestimating NATO and the EU’s support for Ukraine.


Stoltenberg said, “Although Russian armies have withdrawn from some areas, they still control a large area in Ukraine with a large army.” Stoltenberg said that Putin aims to keep Ukraine in a difficult situation from the winter conditions and added, “It is winter ahead, Putin wants to freeze Ukraine.” “Most wars end at the table, but what happens at the table depends entirely on successes on the ground,” Stoltenberg said, adding that the more the Ukrainian army wins in the war, the stronger its hand will be in negotiations.

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Stoltenberg answered the press members’ question about Ukraine having a good opportunity to sit at the table with Russia by saying, “Ukrainians are paying the price of the war. Therefore, Ukrainians should decide when and under what conditions to start negotiations.” Stoltenberg said, “If there are conditions that Ukraine will accept, we will support them. Our role is to increase Ukraine’s gains.”

Stating that the victories won by the Ukrainian Armed Forces belong to the Ukrainian people, Stoltenberg said, “We cannot decide what the terms of negotiations will be by sitting in European capitals. Ukrainians will decide this and we will support them.”

Stoltenberg underlined the need for continued support for Ukraine and said that they are happy that the Netherlands, as a leading NATO ally, has announced that it will continue to support Ukraine.

Stoltenberg expressed his condolences to those affected by the terrorist attack in Istanbul.


Hoekstra pointed out that Russia has been pushed back around Kiev, Kharkov and Kherson and said that the Netherlands will continue to support Ukraine with military aid, humanitarian aid and economic sanctions so that Ukrainian forces can liberate more places, as well as making great efforts to investigate war crimes.

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Stating that they are working to investigate war crimes and aggression crimes committed in Ukraine, Hoekstra said, “Establishing a separate criminal court for each case can bring complex problems.”

Stating that they fully support the investigation conducted by the International Criminal Court, Hoekstra said, “We are working to ensure justice and this is our debt to Ukrainians.”

“We are working to ensure that our citizens are less affected by inflation and can cope with high prices,” Hoekstra said, noting that Putin uses energy and food as weapons.


Stating that military aid to Ukraine will continue, Ollongren said that the war will end only when Putin stops, “If Russia stops, the war will end, if Ukraine stops, Ukraine will disappear.”

Ollongren emphasized that Russia’s withdrawal of its defense line in Kherson to the left bank of the Dnipro River means that Russia’s war strategy has collapsed and the Ukrainian strategy is working.

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