President Erdoğan’s statement on the explosion in Istiklal: 6 dead, 53 injured

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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a press conference at Atatürk Airport before his departure to Indonesia. Speaking about the explosion that occurred on Istiklal Street in Beyoglu, Istanbul, Erdoğan stated that 6 people died and 53 people were injured.

Erdoğan gave the following information:

“I wish Allah’s mercy to our brothers and sisters who passed away in the bomb attack that took place on Istiklal Street around 16.20 p.m. Immediately after the treacherous attack, security and health units were immediately dispatched to the scene and our wounded were quickly transferred to the surrounding hospitals. The relevant units of our state continue to work to reveal the perpetrators of this treacherous attack and the perpetrators behind it. Efforts to take Turkey and the Turkish nation into captivity through terrorism will not achieve their goals today and tomorrow as they did yesterday. Our nation should be assured that the perpetrators of the incident on Istiklal Street will be punished in the way they deserve by revealing all the elements in front of and behind the incident on Istiklal Street. The number received from the Governor of Istanbul is 6 deaths, 4 at the scene and 2 in hospitals. The number of injured is 53. Apart from this, there may be different figures such as scratches, etc. This is the figure I personally received from our governor. Necessary interventions have been made on these in hospitals. They are being done. These citizens will be discharged in a short time.”

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