China charges the US of provocation

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China charges the US of provocation

US officials, according to Foreign Minister Wang Yi, are persistently threatening Chinese sovereignty

Ahead of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s anticipated visit to the island, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Tuesday that the US is attempting to undermine China’s sovereignty over Taiwan and instigate a confrontation in the Taiwan Strait.

Noting that some US politicians are “openly playing with fire” regarding the Taiwan issue, Wang said the US is “continuously undermining China’s sovereignty, emasculating the One China policy and even deliberately trying to artificially create an incident in the Taiwan Strait.”

Wang continued by claiming that certain US officials only consider their personal interests and that Washington’s “shameful” disregard for its commitments towards the Taiwan issue has exposed it as the “greatest killer of peace today.” He also cautioned that “it would never end well” to turn the 1.4 billion Chinese into your adversaries.

The comment from the foreign minister comes amid intense hostilities between Washington and Beijing over House Speaker Pelosi’s anticipated trip to Taiwan later on Tuesday.

She would be viewed by Beijing as engaging in “gross intervention in China’s domestic affairs,” according to repeated Chinese warnings, and Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian has warned that “if you play with fire, you will be burnt.” I think the US is fully aware of the assertive and unequivocal message sent by China.

Pelosi is now touring parts of Asia. She has traveled to Malaysia and Singapore, and she will likely attend high-level meetings in South Korea and Japan. Before the trip, her official schedule did not include a stop in Taiwan.

Pelosi is likely to visit the island, according to many media sources, making history as the first American House speaker to do so.

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