Do you realize how many things numb our consciousness?

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Do you realize how many things numb our consciousness?

We live every day deceived, deceiving.

And we do this so that we can consume more, so that we can build more comfortable lives. We are nothing without a phone, and if we don’t use a very expensive phone, we are worthless! The more you can consume, the more expensive things you can consume, the more the established system can give you the feeling of being valuable.

Before you get used to the new technology, they serve you a newer technology. Moreover, if you don’t consume, you are labeled as “backward”.

This is why Middle Eastern societies are always destined to be “backward”. What we call the Arab Spring was in a way a scenario to create a consuming society.

The same trend that transformed nature from a living organism into a non-organic mechanism, a machine, is now planning to transform man into a device: Human 2.0!

In parallel with technological developments, the terms brain simulation, mind uploading, singularity, synbio and posthuman are being used with reckless abandon. Of course, our philosophical interest in posthuman issues has also started to intensify. This approach constantly emphasizes the idea that some people are superior to others because of their genetic or mental abilities, in accordance with natural purpose. In the following sections, we will discuss how the transformation from ancient to modern philosophy took place, focusing on and emphasizing the human mind. More specifically, this perspective has a common claim, that some people have superior genes or transhuman traits and the benefits that come with them (Transhumanism). This concept creates the notion of ‘less superior’ people, such as people who have not been vaccinated, and they can obtain fewer rights in society, leading to destructive wars around the world.

People will soon be motivated by the propaganda that ‘you will no longer just use computers, but you will be’. Those involved in cognitive science today often liken the brain to hardware and the mind to the software that runs on it. But a software program is just information. So, in principle, we can say that by planning to encode the information of consciousness into neurons with great arrogance, they are trying to imprison and manage consciousness or the soul, so to speak.

This approach, which first of all transformed nature from a living organism into an inanimate mechanism, a machine, transformed human beings into mechanisms with the capitalist economy based on the exploitation of labor and capital. The motto of liberalism is “let them do, let them pass.” This system based on exploitation needs to deceive and numb the human mind in order to exploit. And the numbing of the human mind is achieved by emphasizing pleasure, by awakening pleasure. That is why the capitalist system hits people below the belt as much as possible. Education and advertisements are used as tools for this. With these propaganda tools, the belief that you cannot live without it is massively created for what you can live without.

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However, in the last dream of Akira Kurosawa’s film ‘Dreams’, the old sage of the village where technology has not yet entered (the only thing we see as technology is a water mill) answers the writer’s question “why don’t you have electricity?” as follows: “If we had electricity, how would we watch the stars in the sky?!”.

So, every light that burns on earth extinguishes countless stars in the sky. If you set out in search of truth, you must extinguish your light! The world can no longer produce philosophers, and thinkers are so few that they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. They rule the world with their elites, technicians and engineers. The human resource, which is turned into a market to sell what they produce, is enslaved by these powers. While being enslaved, they are promised false happiness; “If you buy this car, you will have this woman, if you wear this outfit, everyone will desire you, if you use this cosmetic product, you will age later, consume these foods, use these medicines, your life will be longer…”. All for instant gratification, for our purely human and biological side. With a keyboard, with a button, you are on the other side of the world. Whereas it used to take years to go from where you are to the other side of the world, now it can be done in a few hours… Where is contemplation, where is contemplation!

So what do all these signs of dizzyingly fast development bring us? What accumulation of knowledge, what process of contemplation, what degree of evolution in our souls? Nothing!

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In the past, “nihilism” had an intellectual value; at least it had a side that questioned values. Now, “nihilism” is a burnout syndrome! High technological breakthroughs in communication technologies create the illusion of divinity in us, everywhere and at every moment. And we are becoming gods while ending each other’s lives with wars and famines everywhere! There is no doubt about it!

Technology captures not only one’s mind but also one’s body, that is, one’s privacy. They know where you are from the signal on your cell phone, or in which corner of the world you press the ‘enter’ key on your keyboard.

In Islam, the protection of privacy is the most fundamental principle. There is a God who covers even sins. Allah, who is closer to His servant than his jugular vein, intervenes between His angels and His servant while His angels are writing the person’s book of deeds. Privacy is so important that it is protected by Allah Himself. However, today they enter our bedrooms. All the ways to escape from constant surveillance and surveillance are blocked. Life is imprisoned in a world of dead ends. When you are making love, even angels are shying away from their modesty, while your every moment can be broadcast on the internet! These third eyes, which disregard human dignity, are everywhere in a frightening dimension.


  • Are people unhappy in archaic societies that the West, with its cultural and racist arrogance, defines as ‘primitive’, or in societies that are completely ignorant of technology, of which only isolated examples now remain in the rainforest or in Australia?

Never! Watch the documentaries, you cannot see the slightest expression of unhappiness on the faces of those half-naked people. We can observe that they live a happy, peaceful life in complete harmony with nature, without hierarchy, without putting pressure on children, without men dominating women, without man exploiting man, without violence, under the spiritual leadership and spiritual protection of the shaman.

The target of our criticism here is not the technology itself, but the modern paradigm that produces this technology. Of course, in every place and time that human societies have been seen on earth, we also see that technology has also developed, and that they have tried to obtain their needs from nature with a set of tools, hunting weapons, agricultural equipment. The transfer of technique to industrial production by combining it with philosophy and science was first seen on the European continent. The problem is not the transformation of technique into technology or the fact that this happened on the European continent. The problem is the domination of nature and people through this technology. Only when we look at the intellectual-philosophical background of this domination can we understand the reasons for the destruction and devastation of nature and human societies.

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Before the white man set foot on the new continent, the Indians lived peacefully in this world with the spirits of the other world. They had no hunger problems, they did not fight unless there was an encroachment from other tribes into their habitat, unless they felt their existence was in danger. When the Indian walked on the ground, he did not press his foot too hard on the soil so as not to hurt it. They never hunted more than they needed. If more than one rabbit was caught in the traps, they released the surplus. The Indian plucked the fruit from a tree with permission and apologizing to the tree, because he believed that the tree had a soul and he was afraid of hurting it. The rule was, “Whatever you take from nature, you must leave something new in its place so that the balance is not disturbed.”

The white man, on the other hand, was saying that “everywhere that my sword can reach belongs to me”. While waving his sword in one hand, he held the book of God in the other, legitimizing his unjust justification with the word of God, in order to find a legitimate ground, a cover for what he was doing. As the new world was occupied by the white man, children were captured by both sides in war and genocide. Interestingly, during peacetime prisoner exchanges, children who were captured by the white man returned to their tribes with longing, while white children captured by the Indian side did not want to go back to their families!

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