Italian PM Draghi submits his resignation to the President

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Dichiarazione del Prof Mario Draghi al termine del colloqui con il Presidente Sergio Mattarella,al Quirinale (foto di Francesco Ammendola - Ufficio per la Stampa e la Comunicazione della Presidenza della Repubblica)

In Italy, Prime Minister Mario Draghi submitted his resignation to President Sergio Mattarella after the 3 coalition partner parties did not support his government in parliament yesterday.

The government crisis that started last week in the country continues to deepen.

Prime Minister Draghi, who announced the government crisis yesterday and sought a vote of confidence in the Senate, the upper wing of the parliament, but narrowly received a vote of confidence after 3 parties, the 5 Star Movement (M5S), Forza Italia (FI) and the League, withdrew their support, attended the talks on the government crisis in the House of Representatives, the lower wing of the parliament, this morning.

Prime Minister Draghi left the Chamber of Deputies and went to the presidential palace Quirinale and submitted his resignation.

According to media reports and comments, President Mattarella will accept the resignation of the government as a result of the parliamentary result, and then see if there is a possibility of forming a government until the elections to be held in the first months of 2023, or he will dissolve the parliament and move the elections to September or October.

Government crisis

The political crisis in Italy began on July 14 when the 5 Star Movement (M5S), one of the coalition partners, refused to support the government’s economic aid package in a parliamentary vote.

Immediately afterwards, Prime Minister Draghi went to President Sergio Mattarella to hand in his resignation on the grounds that his government had broken down due to the lack of support from one of the components of the national unity government.

President Mattarella did not accept Draghi’s resignation and asked him to inform the upper house of parliament, the Senate, and the lower house, the Chamber of Deputies, about the government crisis and to seek a vote of confidence.

During the negotiations in the Senate, in addition to the M5S, the right-wing parties FI and League announced that they would not participate in the vote of no confidence in Draghi’s government.

Draghi’s government narrowly won a vote of confidence in the Senate last night, but the three major parties of the coalition did not participate in the vote.



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