Bill Gates’ statement that will anger Elon Musk: Idiots theory!

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Bill Gates' statement that will anger Elon Musk: Idiots theory!

Microsoft founder and former CEO Bill Gates came to the agenda with a statement that will anger cryptocurrency investors.

Bill Gates' statement that will anger Elon Musk: Idiots theory!

Bill Gates, one of the richest people in the world, attracted attention with an interview he gave at a conference. While the famous billionaire touched on many topics in his interview, he made surprising statements about NFT collectors and cryptocurrency investors.

Gates, who had previously made statements about Bitcoin, stated that BTC is really risky for small investors. So what did the famous billionaire say that will anger NFT lovers? Here are the details…

Bill Gates said of NFTs and cryptocurrencies, “It’s based on the great idiot theory”

While answering questions during the interview, Bill Gates said that in the current world order, economic levels are changing “faster than he has ever seen”. This is a big problem, he said, as it makes it uncertain which way capital will go.

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Stating that action must be taken to avoid the bad consequences of climate change, the Microsoft founder stated that cryptocurrencies and NFTs are “based on the Big Fool theory”. He said that assets that are priced at high amounts will continue to persist only when you find someone dumber to sell them. The increase in their prices is entirely

The famous billionaire mocked the NFT project Bored App Yatch, which recently faced a massive theft, saying, “The digital expensive monkey is going to make the world a lot better.” He stated that the increase in the prices of the products sold is entirely proportional to the number of investors.

Bill Gates continued his striking words about NFT and cryptocurrencies: “The fool theory consists of individuals buying a product in the hope that someone else will pay an even higher amount when buying a product.”

It is obvious that Gates, who cut off the cryptocurrency exchange by saying “I am not involved in this”, will receive answers from many people after these words. On social media, people are already waiting for Musk, who is known as the cryptocurrency spokesperson, to respond to Bill Gates.

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Will Elon Musk or Bill Gates be right on this issue? We will all find out by living together. So what do you think about this issue? We are waiting for your thoughts in the Comments section


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