BMW doubles ranges with new battery technology!

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BMW doubles ranges with new battery technology!

BMW and Our Next Energy are collaborating on a new technology that solves the range problems of electric vehicles.

BMW doubles ranges with new battery technology!

BMW introduced the iX electric SUV last year. The SUV model, which offers a range of approximately 500 kilometers, has an important place in the brand’s electric vehicle attack. Now, the Bavarian manufacturer aims to eliminate the range problem, which is the biggest problem of electric vehicles, with its new battery technology.

BMW’s electric vehicles get a thousand-kilometer range
The new iX prototype, the result of the joint work of BMW and Our Next Energy (ONE), contains an important development. The electric model, which is still in the testing phase, can solve the range problem to a great extent with its dual chemical battery.

The battery, called Gemini by ONE, is planned to power the iX model at the end of the year. With the new battery, the range of the electric SUV model will double. According to the announced figures, the BMW iX, which currently has a range of 520 km, will reach a range of approximately 965 km.

Although electric cars have made great progress in recent years, they lose a significant amount of their range in cold weather and at high speeds. With the new battery technology, it is aimed to minimize these range problems faced by users.

ONE has developed a new battery with two different chemical structures in line with this goal. This battery pack is supported by software. In this way, two different chemical structures in the battery work at different points to achieve optimum range.

One of the power cells directly powers the motors. Although the LFP battery, which consists of lithium-iron-phosphate components, does not have a high energy capacity, it stands out with its cheap and powerful structure. These battery systems are also very capable of being recharged repeatedly. This part of the battery is designed for short trips under 240 km.

On the other hand, the other part of the battery, which is used as a range extender, includes DC-DC connections. This part, which is used for recharging when the other part of the battery is discharged, is used for long journeys.

BMW doubles ranges with new battery technology!

Most users use the full range of their electric vehicles only in certain situations. This has led ONE to look for battery cells that can store more energy, rather than materials that are resistant to charging cycles. The other part of the battery, which will act as a range extender, will not be constantly charged, so its life will be longer. On the other hand, it will have a significant advantage in range.

This system, which we have previously seen in the Nissan Leaf model, appears in a more advanced and longer-range form in the BMW iX. Let’s see how much the range of the vehicle will be as a result of the studies. So what do you think about the ranges of electric vehicles? You can share your opinions with us in the comments section.


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