Statement from scientists… A new coronavirus has been discovered in Sweden!

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Statement from scientists... A new coronavirus has been discovered in Sweden!

The world, which has been struggling with the coronavirus for more than 2 years, is now experiencing the shock of the news from Sweden. A new coronavirus has been detected in Sweden, spreading among rodents.

Statement from scientists... A new coronavirus has been discovered in Sweden!

While the Coronavirus, which entered our lives in the last days of 2019 and caused a global pandemic in a short time, gradually came out of our lives, there was a frightening development in Sweden.

According to a report in Science Alert, a new type of Coronavirus has been found in red-backed mice (Myodes glareolus) in Sweden.


After the development that came to the world agenda in a short time, the question of ‘can the virus infect people’ began to be asked.

The first statement on the subject came from Virologist Åke Lundkvist of Uppsala University, one of the country’s leading educational institutions.

Lundkvist underlined that it is not yet known what potential threats the virus, called the ‘Grimsö virus’, will pose to public health.

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Stating that the research on the subject is continuing, the Swedish scientist stated that the results of the research will be shared with the public as soon as possible.

The new virus has not yet been seen in a human, but experts underline the need to closely monitor the Grimsö virus considering Covid-19.


Experts also note that mice carrying the virus take refuge in places where people live in adverse weather conditions, which increases the risk of transmission.

The team behind the study reported two genome sequences of a new BetaCoV called Grimso virus, Grimso215 and Grimso2306.

It is stated that the research has not yet been examined by a peer-reviewed scientific committee and that the final results will be announced after this examination.


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