Shooting again in the US: There are dead and wounded

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Shooting again in the US: There are dead and wounded

In the shooting attack in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 3 people lost their lives and 11 people were injured. The incident was the fourth shooting in the country in the last ten days.

Shooting again in the US: There are dead and wounded

An armed attack took place again in the United States, which did not fall off the agenda with individual armament discussions. In the city of Philadelphia, it was stated that many gunmen opened fire on the crowd during the night hours. In the attack, 3 people were killed and 11 people were injured.

While the perpetrators of the incident have not yet been found, the police investigation into the incident continues. Security cameras of businesses in the area are being examined.

On May 25, 18 students and a teacher were killed in an attack by a gunman at a southern Texas elementary school.

Then, on June 1, a shooting at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, killed 5 people along with the attacker.

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On June 4 (yesterday), 1 person was killed and 7 people were injured in a gun clash at a graduation party in Virginia.

In the United States, where individual arming is legal and widespread, a large part of the population is calling on the government to ban individual armament due to the increasing number of armed attacks that have been going on for years.


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