WhatsApp brings its beloved feature on mobile to desktop

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WhatsApp brings its beloved feature on mobile to desktop

WhatsApp has a desktop app in addition to Android and iOS. However, not all of the features it offers on mobile are accessible on the computer. One of them is: the button to download account data data.

WhatsApp brings its beloved feature on mobile to desktop

With this feature, you can request your WhatsApp account information and settings and export them in a report format. While this report does not include your messages, it only covers personal data related to your profile, such as “About me” information. Until now, WhatsApp was not available on Desktop and Web, but it turned out that this deficiency would be fixed.

WhatsApp Desktop is getting a “data download” feature
According to WABetaInfo, in the beta version of the WhatsApp Desktop application, the data download feature was launched. When the feature, which is published as Request Info, is made public, it will be accessible from the Privacy section of the Settings >.

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To download your data to the computer, you first need to update the WhatsApp Desktop application from the Microsoft Store or the company’s own site. If you still don’t see the feature, you probably haven’t been included in the test group. If you don’t want to wait, you can also download your account information to your phone.

1-In WhatsApp, go to Settings > Account > Request account information.
2-Tap Request report. A Request has been sent message will appear on the screen.

Your report will be ready within three days of the date you requested. When the report is ready to download, you will receive a notification on your phone that says “Your account information report is ready”. When you tap the download button, it will be downloaded to your phone’s memory in the form of a ZIP file containing HTML and JSON files.

You can also permanently delete the downloaded copy from your phone by tapping the Delete report button in the Request account information section. Doing so will not delete any data from your WhatsApp account, only the copy of the report.

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