iPhone screens have been changed without Apple knowing!

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iPhone screens have been changed without Apple knowing!

BOE, which has been mentioned a lot lately in the production of iPhone screens, is in a bit of trouble. BOE, which has become the third supplier after LG and Samsung, has been found by Apple to change the design of OLED panels by increasing the circuit width of thin-film transistors, and the display manufacturer removed the iPhone 13 from its supply chain.

iPhone screens have been changed without Apple knowing!

BOE is in trouble because of the change in the iPhone screen!

According to information obtained by The Elec, the change was made to increase efficiency. However, Apple has not been given any information about this, and when the tech giant learned of the situation, it told the BOE to immediately stop production. It is learned that the Apple side has not given any response to the BOE, which has asked Apple for re-approval for the production of OLED panels for the iPhone 14.

Before this happened, it was planned to order about 30 million OLED panels from the BOE. But now there is a very high probability that these orders will be placed on Samsung or LG. In other words, the BOE made changes to the hardware without informing Apple, both lost trust and lost millions of orders.

The BOE manufactured OLED panels for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models at its two factories in China, and by 2021 it would only cover 10 percent of all iPhone displays. However, Apple had serious plans to leave LG Display behind by becoming one of its main suppliers.

We will learn Apple’s final decision on the BOE together in the coming days.


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