God of War Ragnarök’s accessibility features revealed!

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God of War Ragnarök's accessibility features revealed!

Santa Monica Studio has announced new access features that can be used in God of War Ragnarök. Here are the details…

God of War Ragnarök's accessibility features revealed!

Preparations for the new game of God of War, one of Sony’s most popular game brands, continue at full speed. While the development process of the production, which is expected to be exclusive to PlayStation in the first place, continues at full speed, developer Santa Monica Studio has announced new access features that can be used in God of War Ragnarök. Here are the details…

God of War Ragnarök will make a difference with its user interface
The user interface has been redesigned to provide greater readability and flexibility, while the control map has been recreated. Here are the new features that stand out:

  • Automatic Running: When the stick is pushed forward, you will run, and when it is released, you will stop. When Auto Running is active, you can sprint for a short time in the direction you are pointing.
  • Permanent point: If you need a focal point on the screen or want a permanent reminder point in the center of the screen, a dot of three different sizes and seven different colors will be available.
  • Aiming style: You can choose to turn this feature on or off.
  • Blocking style: You can turn the shield posture on and off according to your preference.
  • Popular innovations and improvements for the PC version of God of War (2018) will also be carried over to God of War Ragnarök.

Subtitle Improvements

An investment was made in the subtitling system to provide more information and to offer the possibility of customization.

Subtitle Size: Increased the minimum text size and added scaling. Thus, an extra large text size was added to make the subtitles more readable.
Subtitle Colors: Speakers’ names, subtitle body and subtitle colors can now be individually adjusted from seven different colors.
Speaker names (feature protected from 2018): As in God of War (2018), you can show or hide speaker names according to your preference.
Subtitles: Expanded sound effects subtitles depicted in-game sounds. In addition, subtitles have been added both in cinematics and in-game to explain the sounds in this world. You can also enable subtitles on puzzles and to help the story of the game.
Background Blur: The background of the subtitles was blurred, resulting in a more legible image in complex scenes.
Subtitle Background (feature protected from 2018): In addition to the blur feature, the option to darken the background behind the subtitles has been added to provide better readability on snowy surfaces.
Direction Indicator: Critical sounds in the game can now be pointed out with the direction indicator. This indicator, which can be used in puzzles with sound cues, shows the player the source of the important sound.

God of War Ragnarök's accessibility features revealed! 1

Text and icon size
The most requested feature of God of War (2018) is back better than ever. With the scalable text size provided by the completely redesigned user interface, it will be easier than ever to read the text on the screen.

Controller settings
In God of War Ragnarök, the ‘editing’ system for customising key configurations has been recreated. Besides the preset key configurations, the keys will be individually switchable as desired.

In addition, alternative configurations can be selected from the preset list for certain complex combo moves. The player will be presented with options for actions that require multiple buttons, including a touchpad for gestures such as Spartan Rage.

High contrast mode
The new high-contrast mode allows different colors to be applied to targets, enemies and other characters in addition to items within the game. When this feature is activated, a color layer is applied to make the characters more visible. Loot items and special effects can also be made more visible in this mode.

Enabling High Contrast Customization: This feature offers; in-game off, on, or always on during gameplay (this option excludes cinematics), leaving the choice to the player. High Contrast Mode can be set to turn on and off with a swipe for easy access.

High Contrast Color Customization: Different colors can be set for characters, enemies and items by selecting preferred colors according to the play style.

Navigation Assist: New features in God of War, the camera navigation system allows the player to direct their view to their target. Apart from fight scenes, the player is guided to the next story goal via the navigation assist button.

Transition Assistance: Features such as jumping, jumping, passing in gaps can be automated according to the direction printed.

Help Assistant: Interactive gestures like climbing, moving around, and going through the break are added.

Voice Tips: The interaction points that appear on the screen are now also linked to sound cues. So when using this feature, when you approach an interaction icon nearby, you can hear the activation time.
Audio hints also include combat aids such as aiming tips and weapon swapping tips. The volume of this feature can be conveniently adjusted.


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