Doctors: Don’t do this after the age of 60!

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Doctors: Don't do this after the age of 60!

Life begins at the age of sixty if you take care of your mental and physical health. “Many people in this age group have to face the changes in their careers and think about what their post-retirement years will be like,” says Dr Tanya Gure. “I see a lot of patients planning to retire, but they usually have some concerns. For example, many people in their sixties are increasingly supporting not only the lives of their adult children, but also their grandchildren financially or by babysitting. Not to mention the elderly care that comes out at this age.”

There are five things doctors want you to avoid after the age of 60, according to the health portal Eat this not that.

1- Do not skip covid-19 vaccines and supplements

Older adults who are not vaccinated are more likely to develop serious complications from Covid-19, according to the CDC. Therefore, if you are over 60 years old, be sure to get your vaccinations and supplements.

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“Age is the biggest risk factor,” said Professor William Petrie, an immunologist at the University of Virginia. If you are under the age of 45, you have almost no chance of dying, but then the risk increases exponentially,” he said.

2- Do not neglect healthy sleep

Dr Rajkumar Dasgupta says: “Many older adults tend to sleep earlier in the evening and wake up earlier in the morning than in their youth. This is a circadian rhythm problem called advanced sleep phase disorder (ASPD) or morning fun. Although sleep patterns change as we get older, it’s important to remember that disrupting sleep patterns and waking up tired is not part of normal aging.”

“There are many reasons for poor quality sleep in middle age; Shift work, insomnia, care responsibilities, concerns and jobs to be trained in history are some of these. Although all these reasons cannot be controlled, some can be controlled. For example, if you’re only sleeping four to five hours at the moment because you work late every night, you might want to change your habits. Otherwise, you risk developing dementia in retirement!” he said.

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3- Do not stop exercising

Exercising is very important for overall health and happiness, especially as we get older. Physical therapist Gary Calabrese says regular exercise is linked to better mental health, heart health, weight management and more. It also emphasizes that the benefits of exercise far outweigh the fear of starting exercise, increase movement and balance, reduce chronic diseases, help you lose weight and increase lean muscle mass and improve sleep.

4- Don’t eat too much junk food

A nutritious and balanced diet is the key to healthy aging. But a diet full of sugar and processed foods can lead to serious health problems.

“For example, if you’re having trouble leaving the house or carrying heavy shopping bags, try grocery stores with a home delivery service. In this way, by shopping online, you ensure that your food is delivered directly to your door. If cooking for yourself every day is too much for you, or if you feel your energy is running low by evening, try to prepare a few meals over the weekend. Store the remains in the fridge or frozen so that they are ready to reheat during the week. One-container meals are a great way to quickly prepare healthy, balanced and inexpensive meals, which can be an important consideration as we get older.”

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5- Stay away from smoking

Smoking is harmful to health and can shorten your life. Fortunately, there are studies that show that even after years of smoking, your lungs have a good chance of healing.

Dr Peter Campbell: “There is a group of cells that magically regenerate the respiratory wall. One of the remarkable things is the regeneration of cells that have not been completely damaged by exposure to tobacco in patients who quit smoking even after 40 years of smoking.”


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